Customer contact as the growth accelerator… but aren’t qualitative customers contacts the biggest challenge every sales is facing?

As a salesperson, your goals is to accelerate sales for your business. Yet, we are often lost in the delusion of the day. Multiple tracks at several customers are on a different level of maturity, which isn’t always that easy to manage. Therefore, we share 3 key principles of a succesful salesperson.

Sales insights

Time is money: Research shows that across various sales organizations 33% of successful sales people spend more time with their customers. Why? They are able to better select customers who are willing to convert. Meaning that they manage 40% less accounts but have a much, much higher chance to convert each customer, each time.

Sales means being continuous: The most successful salesperson spends more than 10 hours a week in internal interaction. They know that internal buy-ins are one of the key factors to be successful in difficult cases. Getting your team on-track delivers continuity and sustainability to your business. Making your brand stand out of the crowd.

Play by the book: Every salesperson knows that his success does not originate from coincidence. They are structured, prepared following their own secret formula that leads to conversion each and every time. With that in mind, it is easy to track down and optimize steps in the playbook to further strengthen your secret formula to success.

The numbers

When looking at these insights, you notice the importance of them. If you use them wisely and play them correctly, they will deliver you better results. Remember: numbers never lie for a salesperson.

I’d like to introduce to you to 2 salespersons:
Who do you think of both salespersons is most successful? Right, Mrs. Julie Sand is.

For those of you who haven’t quite catched up yet, let me explain to you why Julie performs better than Jef by giving you some context.

The industry’s standard: the many outweigh the few

Mr. Jef Matthews: although he spends less time than Julie manages more accounts than she does. He doesn’t have the personal touch with the accounts as he should have. Being more generic instead of detailed. On average he spends 0.4 hours of his 40-hour week to manage 1 out of 100 accounts. Which increases the chance that he might have missed an important detail or action the account has taken. On top of that, not all accounts are qualified yet, bringing the quality of the accounts he manages down to 65%. Making his business gain 0.25 value out of his time as a salesperson. In sales terms, we call this an average salesperson.Accelerate Sales - Jef Matthews

The industry’s goal: accelerate sales with the few

Mrs. Julie Sand however delivers more value by simply putting those extra 10 ‘internal interaction’ hours. Maintaining a constant view of the work floor and what colleagues say gives her a better perspective of the accounts. That way she can be more precise in her account selection. She spends 50 hours a week dedicated to 50 selected accounts which gives her 1 hour time for each account. She has gained the required insights from the work floor, upping the reliability of her account quality to 90% (you can never know everything 100%). Making her business gain 0.9 value out of her time as a salesperson.Accelerate Sales - Julie Sand

You could say that Julie is a bit of an ‘over performer’ but is she really? In an era where we expect that business know what we need and when we need it. It has become a commodity to become like her. The result is also as clear as it can be, delivering a 360% more efficient way. Simply because she is selective, spends a little bit more time to get to know her customers and following her own playbook.

With the right mindset, you, your fellow salespersons and business can invest your valuable time on the right accounts and accelerate sales. And we have the right tool to do just that. The Salesforce Sales Cloud.

How the Sales Cloud accelerates sales for your business

The Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you to focus on the right accounts at the right time with the right info. When combined with marketing tools like the Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Pardot leads will flow in like child’s play. Not only will your leads database grow but you are also able to send the right leads to sales. Making every salesperson an ‘over performer’ like Mrs. Julie Sand.

Therefore, your business is able to build a sustainable Sales Process tailored to the needs of every client. Enabling you to create proposals, view documentation, send mails, track status with only one click. Without getting technical, because a good configured Salesforce Sales Cloud is bringing admin back to the very minimum so your Sales staff can move fast and accelerate sales for your business.

Status reporting on the opportunities will be done by one click, or even better: as a sales manager, the status of your hot opportunities will be prompted on your homepage. Or as a commercial director you can always follow the status of your team… excel reporting is so ‘90s.

Do you want to learn more about the customer success platform? Want to know how we can help in boosting your business growth? Get in touch with us.

We’re happy to hear from you soon!

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