How does Salesforce work? A Salesforce overview tooltip chart.

Salesforce is the most powerful customer success platform which is used by leading companies across various industries. With the many functionalities Salesforce offers, businesses can accomplish amazing things and increase their overal ROI significantly. However, it is important to get the basics right. Therefore businesses need to ask themselves the question “How does Salesforce Work?” before setting up complex processes. In doing so, businesses will be able to trace down the core Salesforce functionality that will drive the process and use that as a starting point to set it up within Salesforce.

This handy Salesforce overview tooltip chart can help your dedicated Salesforce administrators remind themselves about the core functionalities Salesforce offers. It’s also a nice overview for those that are starting to work with Salesforce.

Salesforce overview tooltip chart

Struggling to trace back your processes to the right functionality? Or do you need help setting up advanced processes?

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