The Salesforce Masterclass is an initiative by GEN-C to give the innovators of tomorrow a hands-on introduction to Salesforce. And how it can help them achieve amazing things in an efficient way.

Hold up, you’re not familiar with Salesforce?

Salesforce is the leading cloud-based Customer Success platform which aims to give value to your customer by creating closer, more personal customer relationships at scale. This, without needing any technical background.

What is the Salesforce Masterclass?

The Salesforce Masterclass is designed to give you first-hand experience to the different Salesforce products and how they work with each other.

Moreover, in just a few days, we will introduce you to a variety of Salesforce products. Such as the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, … and many more. Additionally, you will witness the strength of the Salesforce platform and how it enables businesses to achieve amazing things.

Great, but why should you join the masterclass?

While doing research is great and all, it just doesn’t quite do the trick. If you have hands-on experience with a system, you’ll truly know its capabilities and how it helps you achieve your goals. If you are all for the cloud and have a digital-first mindset, then the Salesforce Masterclass is the right place for you.

Not convinced? Look at what the innovators of the future have to say after attending the masterclass for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Students, young potentials and business innovators who are looking to get hands-on experience with Salesforce, look no further!The Salesforce Masterclass is the place to be for you. We’ve structured our courses in such a flexible, fun and hands-on way so you can get familiar with Salesforce’s functionalities in no-time. All of this, without all the unnecessary jargon and technical expertise that is often required for an IT-solution.

What’s included?

The Salesforce Masterclass introduces you to many of Salesforce’s functionalities. Therefore, we make sure your backpack is filled with knowledge for you to consume. This includes:

  • The masterclass course materials
  • Extra notes & tips given by our Certified Salesforce Instructor;
  • Your personal certificate of course completion;
  • Access to refresh and learn Salesforce even better via Salesforce Trailhead.

Practical Information

Available Masterclass-courses

The salesforce environment consists of a wide range of products. Therefore, the GEN-C Masterclass has courses dedicated to give you a general or specific overview of the different Salesforce Products.

  • General: Get to know how the Salesforce Architecture and all of its products. Discover key-functionalities and how all the clouds integrate with each other;
  • Salespeople: Discover how your sales departments benefits from a CRM-platform built specially for sales with the Salesforce Sales Cloud;
  • Agents: Explore new ways to increase case-management and increase customer satisfaction post-purchase with the Salesforce Service Cloud;
  • Marketers: Disrupt the market by automating your marketing and taking the customer on a journey with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Pardot;
  • Community Managers: Create communities of action and interact with them with the Salesforce Community Cloud;
  • Developers: Build new and innovative applications tailored to your business needs on the Salesforce Platform with the Salesforce App Cloud;

Date & Time

The Salesforce Masterclass takes place during the summer (July – August).


Kontich, Belgium



How do I sign up?

You can simply register for the Masterclass by clicking on this link and fill out the form.

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