Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Success Platform that offers solutions for any type of business to drive more success in an ever-changing world. As business needs change, Salesforce easily adapts their products proactively to ensure their technology meets today’s standards.

Why Salesforce and young potentials match

Young potentials are the innovators of tomorrow. Moreover, they set new industry standards with their fresh take on the mobile-first society they grew up in. HoWest, a leading university of West-Flanders, acknowledges the importance of young potentials for our future.

Therefore, they asked us, GEN-C dedicated Salesforce Partner, to do a guest lecture of how Salesforce and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps these young potentials drive business success.

Not a fan of video, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find the key-points of the video.

Salesforce bridges the gap between online and offline

Chidi Nweke, Student at Howest, emphasized that Salesforce and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an awesome solution that has a big impact on real-life decisions.

With all information stored in Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform, businesses are able to create a 360-view of their prospects and customers. Allowing their business to create a more tailored experiences and increase brand advocacy.

In addition, Salesforce also supports internal business processes like people management, billing, shipping, … making it easy to manage all the aspects of a business within one solution.

Salesforce is the all-in-one solution for businesses

Dylan Dejonghe, Student Digital Marketing at HoWest, explained that Salesforce offers many possibilities for businesses to increase efficiency.

Every business works differently and has different processes. Salesforce is aware of that and has made their solution highly customizable to meet specific business needs. Moreover, they provide businesses with many functionalities so they can optimize their way of working significantly.

For instance: businesses can choose to automate administrative tasks, follow-up emails, calls, reports, service requests, marketing emails… so that businesses can invest more time in other areas.

Marketers are leading the shift to Digital Transformation

Lies Vanhaelemeesch, lector marketing at HoWest, stated that marketers have an important role of leading the shift to digital transformation from Marketing & Sales.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an all-in-one solution that makes the transformation to digital smoothly. This, while aligning Marketing and Sales closer and closer together. This by providing sales with breaking marketing information directly on the customer or prospect details sheet so salespeople can close deals faster.

Salesforce is the most intuitive high-end cloud solution

Rudi Fredericq, lector Business Management at HoWest, found that Salesforce was fast and easy to learn and use due to the many materials and documentation provided online.

Salesforce hugely invests in minimizing the learning-curve of their technology. Moreover, they provide many different ways to learn the ins-and-outs of their solutions via:

  • Trailhead: free courses online which allow you to go into the salesforce solution. They also make you earn points and badges to show your area of expertise as a trailblazer. You can visit trailhead here.
  • Online documentation: free online documentation for any solution to consult at any given moment.
  • Success communities: online forum to ask questions, post idea’s for the future or to simply interact with fellow trailblazers.

The Salesforce Masterclass initiative

As you can tell from the quotes and stories above, the Salesforce economy is booming and demand for Salesforce-skilled professionals is massive. Therefore, we are excited to launch the GEN-C Salesforce Masterclass initiative to help students and young potentials and business innovators discover the possibilities of Salesforce.

  • Connect and learn Salesforce tech and business skills together.
  • Get mentorship from Salesforce employees and community leaders who have built incredible careers in tech.
  • Get great jobs in the fastest- growing tech ecosystem. For instance, two of the best tech roles available today — Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer (according to

Click here to learn more about the GEN-C Salesforce Masterclass initiative.

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