We’re living in a connected society where perception, value and time are critical. We do not want to be normal, we want to stand out from the crowd. We don’t want to be treated as one of many, we want to have a highly tailored and personalised experience. And most of all, we want it now. Therefore, companies that want to be successful, need to have the necessary processes in place to give consumers what they want. Hence the question “how can companies provide that level of service to their customers”. Well, don’t you fear, Salesforce Pardot is here.

What is Salesforce Pardot?

Salesforce Pardot Logo Salesforce Pardot is a B2B Marketing Automation platform that enables companies to deliver seamless customer experiences across departments. Which enables sales and marketing to better tailor expertise to the needs of the customer.

Nowadays, closing a deal is no longer the sole responsibility of sales, but the whole organization. With a continuously evolving digital landscape and many channels to deal with, the purchasing process becomes increasingly complex to monitor manually. Even more, consumers are becoming more and more informed, smarter and self-aware than ever before. With access to all the information they need, in just a simple search on the internet.

Managing all of these different touch points across channels and departments can be a daunting task. However, the Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation Platform can help you with that.

Bridging the gap between marketing and sales with Salesforce Pardot

So is sales less important? No not at all, sales should still be one of your company’s most important revenue-generating departments. However, it can no longer function as a separate silo. Other departments should enable your sales department to generate more sales by working together. Ideally, their processes tie in to each other to create a seamless flow between departments.

When done correctly, sales can potentially see up- and cross-sell opportunities depending on the type of interactions that a consumer has shown. Or marketing could identify leads that have shown high interest in your company and send them over to sales. This also works the other way around. Sales can identify questions and pass them on to the marketing team to create nurture journeys with content on how to best use their products. In general, B2B marketers who implement a Marketing Automation Solution, like Salesforce Pardot, see an increase in their sales-pipeline contribution by 10%.

To get this up and running, data must be gathered across different touch points and shared between departments. Therefore, a marketing automation solution, like Salesforce Pardot, can help you with that. If you’re a member of the Salesforce family and have the Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can even show Pardot data directly onto the lead or contact record and manage Pardot data from within Salesforce. This is a first step to bridging the gap between marketing and sales.

Salesforce Pardot features that drive sales & accelerate the sales funnel

360°-view for sales

With Salesforce Pardot, companies can add tracking to each interaction. Either that being by submitting cases or interacting with marketing materials via mail, social and web. This is directly displayed on the prospect’s record. Which gives sales a 360°-view of the consumer in which they can sell not only more effectively, but faster and more efficiently. Additionally, Salesforce Pardot monitors and registers any activity that a prospect makes so marketing can nurture them further to become sales ready. Salesforce Pardot has the power to become your sales team’s new secret weapon.

Reaching Marketing Efficiency with automations

Salesforce Pardot offers built-in cross-department automations that enable companies to minimize the amount of manual, redundant tasks such as lead qualification and lead assignment. Effectively cutting expenses and saving valuable time that can be used to focus on more strategic, revenue-generating initiatives.

Automated lead generation and management tactics

Gone are the days that leads or information should be manually added to specific campaigns. Salesforce Pardot comes with a suite of automation options that automatically add prospects to specific marketing initiatives specified by you. Either that by performing an action or meeting specific criteria. You can, for example, make Pardot continuously look for prospects that have shown significant interest in a certain range of products or have them added to a list when they’ve submitted a form.

Additionally, these leads can be marked sales-ready automatically and be send over to sales to follow-up. Where sales previously had to invest a lot time in leads that were not (yet) ready to convert. Moreover, sales also has direct access to which steps the prospect has already taken, increasing the chances to close a deal significantly.

Personalised marketing at scale

Have you ever had to create multiple versions of the same email or the same landing page for each one of your audiences? Well, with Salesforce Pardot, that’s a thing of the past. You can build dynamic content that displays content based on a prospect’s interest.

So let’s say that Person X loves dogs and Person Y loves cats. A food distribution company specialised in pet food sends one email to both prospects but Person X gets content about the best dog food and Person Y about the best cat food on the market. The same principle stands for webmarketing initiatives.

This means you can build one email and one landing page to target your whole audience. In doing so, you trigger your prospects instantly by showing content that is tailored and relevant to their interests.

Highly personalised engagement programs

Few features of marketing automation capture the platform’s simplicity and power as well as automated lead nurturing. With minimal input and maximum results, drip nurturing is one of the most powerful weapons in your automation arsenal.
Automated lead nurturing is the process of sending a series of automated emails that will trigger based on a person’s behaviors or a preset time interval. This means you can provide the right information, to the right prospects, at the right time, and all without lifting a finger.

Some of the benefits:

  • The Right Message, At the Right Time. Effective marketing is all about the right context. And automated lead nurturing makes it easy to be timely and relevant across channels.
  • Save Time and Resources. Automating the most common and repetitive sales and marketing tasks frees your team to focus on more important projects.
  • Build Relationships Naturally. The strongest relationships are built slowly over time by providing real value, the way automated lead nurturing campaigns were designed.

With Engagement Studio from Pardot, you can easily create triggered, segmented and highly personalised engagement programs to help nurture prospects further down the funnel. It’s easy to use point-and-click interface enables you to quickly put your content and triggered actions into place.

Salesforce Pardot: Growth Accelerator Engagement Example

The ways Salesforce Pardot enables your company to reach marketing efficiency are endless. Moreover, your company frees up more time to address problems like growing the number of marketing channels, optimizing their sales funnel, finding the best way to attribute revenue and accurately determine ROI.

Native Integration with Salesforce CRM

Salesforce Pardot’s Marketing Automation features like lead qualification, – assignment and nurture tactics give marketing teams the tools they need to better align their objectives with those of sales. Which positions them as a necessary part of the sales process. This increased focus on sales enablement has shown to improve close rates, increase marketing efficiency and cut down time on manual tasks that distract from big-picture initiatives. Companies can even view this data and drill down upon it within Salesforce Pardot’s standard reporting functionalities.

However, to get an even deeper view of your marketing and sales efforts, the Salesforce CRM integration between Salesforce Pardot and the Salesforce Sales Cloud enables your business to automatically sync opportunity data between the two systems. More concrete, this enables you to go beyond standard campaign performance reports. With an active integration you can:

  • Calculate individual campaign costs and track relevant KPI’s
  • Associate prospect with (future) marketing campaigns
  • Gain greater visibility in marketing metrics
  • Generate and schedule custom reports to key-stakeholders
  • Tie opportunity data to paid search results data.
Salesforce Pardot Growth Accelerator - Integration

In short, with Salesforce Pardot, your sales team is armed with relevant prospect and buyer data so they can target their conversations in ways they couldn’t in the past. Combined with the power of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, your business can craft unforgettable customer experiences.

The Future of Marketing Automation

Businesses that have adopted marketing automation have seen proven results. Such as an increase in ROI, sales performance, marketing and sales alignment and so on. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the automation industry is growing and is predicted to grow even more over the next few years.

Furthermore, AI and predictive analytics will ultimately make it possible to determine the optimal audience, channels, timing, and content for each campaign. The way we connect with customers and prospects, marketing will continue to become smarter and more intuitive. However, Salesforce Pardot has already taken steps to include AI into its Marketing Automation platform. Helping companies to stay ahead of the curve and continue to deliver relevant and personalised experience to their audience.

Interested to know how Salesforce Pardot’s marketing automation helps your company grow and stay ahead of the competition? Or you are an existing Salesforce Pardot customer but looking for fresh look on your instance? Then take a look at our Pardot QuickStart Package to see how quickly you can start benefiting from Salesforce Pardot’s marketing automation features or contact us directly via info@gen-c.be and start growing your business today.

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