Continuous learning, be it on the job or as a private initiative, assures that employees are more productive, achieve goals more quickly and increase their job satisfaction. Effectively helping companies to be more flexible and adaptable to changes in technology.

Training, be it face-to-face, virtual or by means of e-learning is hot these days. And for good reason. 33% of all the jobs, that will be filled by 2020 don’t exist today. This means that companies need to be prepared to fill the knowledge gap between what people know today and what they need to know in one year and more. This requires a structured change management process and a dedicated learning path.

In the webinar-recording below, our Certified Salesforce Trainer, Marina Cooreman, explains the benefits of Continuous Learning with Salesforce.

Need more information in regard to these benefits? Read our blog that goes more in-depth into the different topics of Continuous Learning with Salesforce by clicking this link.

Kick-start your Continuous Learning strategy

Training is more than reading a manual or following a seminar. Training should be scenario based, showing exactly what employees are facing every day in their job, and then showing them how to improve results, spend less time searching and meeting deadlines earlier or easier. Effective training also lets trainees participate by means of questions, knowledge checks and sometimes a test.

Are you in for the long-run? Then kick-start your continuous learning strategy by contacting us via this form or via e-mail.

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