Hold up! This blog is a continuation from the blog “A customer centric approach, service in real time” which you can read via this link. We’ll be following up on the points discussed on how to use a customer centric strategy to create brand advocates. For those who have read the first part, we’ll continue with Tom’s journey. 

Creating Brand Advocates

When we left Tom, he was waiting for his drone to arrive. Moreover he is so excited that he wants to receive a daily update from the company with the status of his package on his mobile phone but wants all financial communication send to his mailbox. Therefore the company has enabled a feature where Tom can adjust his channel of preference for each type of communication the company sends to him.

Communities of Action

Finally the day is here, Tom receives a text message that his drone is ready and will be delivered today at 3:00 PM. However, Tom’s not home until 5:00 PM. No problem, Tom can text the company back to change the delivery time to 5:15. It’s a quarter past 5, the door rings. The drone is here and Tom signs the package and is ready to use his drone. Good teamwork! All because of the Salesforce platform and its Marketing Automation tool.

After a couple of weeks Tom wants to share his experiences with other users and future users. He isn’t the first one, so the company has already a platform in place, built on the Salesforce Community Cloud where he can exchange pictures, videos, experiences, chat, ask questions, log cases and meet up with other drone owners.

Part 2: A customer centric approach, service in real time - Brand Advocates

Service Center of Action

Good songs don’t last long. Half a year later he is flying his drone and a strong wind blows the drone against a tree. He finds his drone through the GPS-tracker with one rotor blade broken.

However, Top Drone doesn’t wait for Tom to contact them. Their built-in damage-sensor has identified the crash and its severity using Salesforce IoT. Additionally, it has already created a case in the Salesforce Service Cloud, found some solutions and is ready to proactively send a message to Tom.

In just a few minutes Tom receives a text message from Top Drone which reads that they are aware that his drone has crashed and provided some solutions on how to repair the damages. Such as the nearest repair shop or spare-parts shop based on the GPS-signal in the drone.

Part 2: A customer centric approach, service in real time - Service Center of Action

Create meaningful conversations

Who says science, says… Albert Einstein, right? Salesforce Analytics solutions is named after him, it is called Salesforce Einstein Analytics. It’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that analyzes all the data available, makes its own predictions and personalizes customer experiences.

With all this data a marketer would crack his brain. This is no longer needed since Einstein’s brain can work his magic by analyzing data. Your company can now focus on other important things, such as:

  • Discover new insights that bring clarity on certain topics so that Top Drone can inform Tom about features or services he didn’t even knew he needed.
  • Predicts outcomes so Top Drone will only propose solutions that align with Tom’s needs and wants.
  • Recommend next steps for marketing actions based on Tom’s behavior so that Tom can engage at the ideal time with his platform of choice.
  • In some cases, Einstein can automate tasks so Top Drone can focus more on customer success.
Part 2: A customer centric approach, service in real time - Meaningful Conversations

Become a Company of Action

We have gone through a lot of steps to get happy customers, but Salesforce wouldn’t be Salesforce if it were to stop there. The Salesforce platform is constantly improving and as a company you can use this new technology to get ahead of new trends and to create brand advocates. So how can Top Drone use this data to improve their customer-centric strategy?

  • Top Drone can proactively send Tom information regarding his interests and product such as software-updates, events or add-ons for his drone, like a camera.
  • Send tempting offers to become an ambassador, such as free VIP tickets for a drone Airshow in his area.
  • Send surveys to optimize their products and service
  • Alert Tom on regulation changes in his area.
  • Updates about privacy changes (GDPR)

Components of a Customer Centric Journey

Let’s circle back to the 4 pillars of customer-centricity:

  1. Know your customer: Data, data and more data. Every new piece of data helps the company to know more about Tom and his behavior.
  2. Be your customer: Who is my target audience? What type of products would they like? Is the information about our products easy to access? Millennials like Tom, who have money and time to spare for a fun new hobby.
  3. Create value for your customer: Keep them up to date on new models, accessories, changes in regulation, proactively give your customers information and solutions on how to fix a drone when it’s broken. Like the nearest shop in our example with Tom.
  4. Connect with your customer: Stay connected with your customers by means of an easy to access omni-channel where they can choose which channel to use. Create a platform where they can connect with your business and fellow customers. Much like the Community Cloud Platform Top Drones is using. Finally, be active on the channels where your customers are and communicate via the channel of your customer’s choice. 

The steps above aren’t necessarily done in sequence. These steps are constantly in motion and you need to often retake these steps to update your customer-centric approach in order to maintain your brand advocates.

Need guidance on how to take on a customer centric approach using Salesforce.com technology? Get in touch with our experts.

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