As we are preparing for an exciting 2020, it’s good to reflect on what the past year has given us. The goals we’ve reached, the steps we’ve taken, the lessons we’ve learned but most importantly: the feeling of joy and satisfaction this year has brought has made 2019 one of a kind. On that note, we’re happy to share our greatest moments of 2019 with you.

Establishing the BRIGHTFOX Competence center 

In the middle of 2019, we announced the merger between two passionate Salesforce competence centers, GEN-C and 7dots. The two merged together to become BRIGHTFOX. This has been our first step in strengthening our position as the go-to Salesforce Competence center within the Benelux-region.  

It is our ambition to become the leading Salesforce Competence Center within the Benelux.

~ BRIGHTFOX Management

Moreover, we will keep working towards our ambition. We’re closing 2019 as an official Salesforce Platinum Partner, one the highest of statuses in the industry. And that with a team of more than 70 Salesforce experts that cover more than 100 customers spread across Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. 

10 Years of Salesforce expertise

While the BRIGHTFOX-name is still quite new in the market, our expertise tells otherwise. Our competence center’s knowledge goes back to 2009 when we initially started one of the first Salesforce competence centers within the Cronos Group.  

Over the years we’ve had and still have the pleasure to work with many clients across various industries, increasing our knowledge. And with it our proven experience to excel on customer success [LINK Partner Value Score]. We consider it our duty to help our customers get the most out of Salesforce in the most user-friendly way possible. 

Some of our customers:

4 kick-ass offices to house our expertise 

With the merger of GEN-C and 7dots, we now have a total of 4 offices spread across Belgium and the Netherlands. This enables us to provide smoother and faster service to our customers in the BeNeLux. 

The BRIGHTFOX offices are located in Kontich HQ (BE), Herentals (BE), Amsterdam HQ (NL) and Breda (NL). 

Knowledge Expansion 

2019 was a year of expansion. Not only on a company level but also on a knowledge and experience level.  

We have grown our team by 25% and are happy to welcome them to our Ohana.  

 We also invested heavily in the knowledge and expertise of our consultants and are delighted to say that we have achieved a 40% increase in the amount of Certified Consultants compared to 2018, totaling to more than 200 certificates within the BRIGHTFOX competence center. This means that we’re heading into 2020 with a bigger and more diversified team to cater for any need within the universe. 

Salesforce Consultants

Increase of consultants

Increase of Salesforce Certifications

Driving Customer Success 

Last year, we helped various businesses to optimize their current way of working with the worlds #1 CRM, Salesforce.  

We’re pleased to see that our customer solutions are showing promising results. So much actually, that the solutions were showcased or nominated as one of the most innovative solutions for their industry. Such as ENGIE’s field service lightning solution was showcased at Dreamforce this year and Consensio’s Salesforce solution (Plusforce) was nominated as one of the finalists for the Vivium Digital Awards. 

This shows our dedication to implement highly efficient and scalable solutions on the Salesforce Platform for our customers. We commit ourselves to continue providing these state-of-the-art solutions to further build upon our customer’s success. 

Expanding Salesforce in the Public Sector 

This year we’ve expanded our efforts to show how the Salesforce Platform can help government institutions in their day-to-day job. We shared meaningful insights on events such as Government 360 (overheid360) and shared various customer success stories such as VDAB, OVAM, City of Antwerp and so on.  

Additionally, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve officially acquired the ‘Salesforce Reseller Agreement’ for the public sector. Which means we can now provide one-on-one party contracts for a complete Salesforce solution for government institutions. 

A few of our happy clients within the Public Sector:

Wedding bells, wedding bells, weddings all the way!

Not only have our consultants shown growth on a professional level. We were pleased to hear that 2 of our colleagues tied the knot this year. We wish them a bright future full of love and happiness.

Welcomes 6 new BRIGHTFOX Babies to the team

Apart from professional growth and celebrating weddings within the BRIGHTFOX-team, we are delighted to welcome 6 new BRIGHTFOX babies to team! Congratulations to the parents of those little heroes, may they have a lifetime of joy, happiness and lots of love!

Ohana means family

Needless to say that this year was filled with big changes. But that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a little bit of fun. 😉 We organised a massive amount of epic events filled with many moments of joy and laughter.

Epic? For us, epic means stepping into the world of VR to train our combat skills and running an obstacle course @AirZone that would turn a “Beastmaster” pale. And to top it all off, we rewarded ourselfs with well deserved food and beverages. [BEER] [WINE] …

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