Why is it recommended to perform a Salesforce Lightning Readiness Check?

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Lightning Experience is a more intuitive and efficient interface that allows users to spend more time selling and solving customer problems and less time searching for information. However, the benefits go beyond a better user interface. With the Lightning platform’s UI framework, IT and business teams can quickly build and launch new apps and services by clicking, rather than writing code. That means your business can adapt processes and functions flexibly and independently to changes within your business.

What ultimately happens to existing Salesforce customizations?

We try to keep your existing modifications in Lightning Experience. Many of your point-and-click and programmatic implementations work seamlessly in the new interface, as some modifications are not useful or relevant in Lightning Experience. In addition, some need to be updated to take advantage of everything Lightning Experience has to offer.

It is recommended to have a detailed analysis performed of the changes your organization may need. This is why you should perform the Lightning Experience Readiness check.

How can you prepare yourself?

As you begin to prepare for the transition to Lightning Experience, there are three matters you need to assess.

  1. How is your business benefiting from the change?
  2. What has to be done to prepare for the change?
  3. What will it cost?

At this stage, you can promote the move to Lightning Experience by estimating the return on investment for your business and defining what your Lightning Experience implementation will look like. Use the information you collect in this phase to define business and technical requirements and determine how much effort the implementation will cost.

Lightning Experience can be compared to Salesforce Classic when it comes to Salesforce Cloud facilities and continues to evolve with each release. Your evaluation includes determining how critical upcoming facilities are to your business needs.

Keep in mind that you can implement Lightning Experience gradually and allow more groups of users into the process. This agility means you can now transfer your sales team, while your service organization remains in Salesforce Classic until further notice. Or better yet, get started with a pilot group that can review features in Lightning Experience and assess how your processes and customizations work. Use the feedback from the pilot group to repeat your implementation and then move on to other groups who enjoy your improvements.

The Readiness check

1. To make sure your organization is ready for Lightning Experience

We analyze how well your organization is prepared for the transition to Lightning Experience by performing the Lightning Experience readiness check. You will receive a personal Readiness Report that shows which users will immediately benefit and how you can customize your implementation for Lightning Experience.

Most existing functionalities and adaptations also work in Lightning Experience, so there is hardly any work or cost involved. Functionalities that have been tailored to your organization need a more cautious approach and often require more work to make them work flawlessly in the Lightning Experience.

2. A useful checklist

In addition, the report is a valuable tool for identifying updates that can facilitate the implementation of Lightning Experience.

3. As a cost and benefits analysis

Some preparedness reports also include yield calculations that will help you convince your managers and stakeholders, as well as an estimate of the effort required for implementation. In addition, you have access to a free group session with a Lightning Experience expert to advise you on the next steps.

When you run the Readiness Report, your Salesforce implementation will not change. Other Salesforce administrators or users are not alerted when you run the tool.

In addition to the cost, this Readiness check also gives a clear picture of the benefits and productivity improvements of switching to Lightning Experience. It also gives an overview of how much effort it takes to implement Lightning Experience.

4. To see which users are ready for Lightning Experience

The readiness report provides you an analysis of how each user is doing, based on the facilities and adjustments evaluated by the Readiness check. Also, the Readiness report shows which profiles will be productive in Lightning Experience. For profiles that are not yet ready because they depend on functionality that requires attention, the report indicates the relevant facilities.

Are you still a Classic user and would you like our Switch to Lightning support? Then don’t hesitate to book a free consultancy day in which we perform the Readiness Check.

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