As a tech company, BRIGHTFOX knows it has a responsibility go get involved in initiatives that work towards a sustainable environment and care for the planet. When Salesforce decided to support the “Plant a Tree” initiative by Natuurpunt in the “Scheldevallei” they decided to join forces with other Salesforce partners and pitch in.

Taking care of the forest is one of the best ways to filter carbon monoxide from the atmosphere so in January 2020 Salesforce, being a founding partner of the movement made public that they wanted to focus on the preservation, restoration and growth of 100 million trees by the end of 2030. And they decided to involve their partners.


In order to achieve the goal of planting that many trees, Salesforce will use the full power of its resources being technology, capital and influence. They do this by learning from others and fine- tuning programs and methodologies. To achieve this goal, Salesforce will work with Plant-for-the-Planet and use their platform to keep track of the progress, communicate with partners and allows for donations to be tracked.

I am very proud to be able to do this together with our partners and contribute to this wonderful initiative from Natuurpunt. By planting more trees we create a new recreational area for our people, we fight global warming and we protect our precious natural water reserves. At the same time we support the UN’s global goals towards sustainable development.”

— Salesforce’s Deputy Country Leader Carmina Coenen


Natuurpunt recently acquired a new piece of land which they want to populate with 8.000 new trees. Due to Corona, it was not possible to use large groups of volunteers to make this happen. Therefor the planting of the trees will happen by a dedicated team of labourers. Hopefully we will be able to grow the number of trees to be planted to 10.000 next year and BRIGHTFOX is happy and proud to be part of this wonderful project that combines creating new green areas and working towards a cleaner and a more sustainable environment.

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