Why should you bear the burden of maintaining your Salesforce systems?

Brightfox Salesforce

BRIGHTFOX chooses partnerships and long-term alliances. This means that we do not let you fend for yourselves after the implementation or go-live of your Salesforce solutions.

In our agreement, we include maintenance and support up front so we can guarantee that we can maintain your systems. This also works as a guarantee of quality because maintaining poorly set-up systems is terrible.

Why not let us take care of all your post-integration troubles, from start to finish and beyond. This way we ensure that you can continue to focus on running your business and you don’t have to lose any sleep over IT management chores.

Our support options for you

We can support you with following requests

  • Bug fixes
  • Enhancements requests,
  • Questions,
  • Report or Dashboard creation,
  • Data load,
  • Training,
  • Integration issues,
  • Analysis for new integrations,
  • Marketing Campaign Support.

We opt for support, based on priorities

  • Prio 1: A complete business shutdown situation. The client is unable to work.
  • Prio 2: A major component of the clients’ ability to operate is affected.  Some aspects of the business can continue but it’s a major problem.
  • Prio 3: The clients’ core business is unaffected; the issue is an inconvenience but there are clear workarounds or alternatives.
  • Prio 4: The issue is a background or planned task and will be addressed when time permits or on the planned date.

Contact us to learn more about which support and services packages work best with the Salesforce products you use.

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