Joining our forces: BRIGHTFOX becomes a proud member of SPIRE

Brightfox Salesforce

Salesforce is without a doubt the world’s leading CRM solution and Salesforce continues to grow strongly. To position ourselves more effectively in the market, we worked hard on a brand-new partnership over the past year. We are combining our strengths into one powerful, future-proof solution for our customers: Spire!

Together with Bewire, Biztory, Forward and The Customer Link we are #1 in the Benelux Salesforce landscape.

Fast growing market

Digital is the future and digital transformation is high on the agenda.
Companies around the world are discovering that the established processes that have kept them alive for decades may no longer suffice. Today’s customers are connected, informed and incredibly tech-savvy, and they expect the organisations they work with to be so as well.

Digital transformation is becoming absolutely essential. Today’s businesses are discovering that new standards are redefining what it means to be ‘up to date’.

By successfully implementing Salesforce’s Digital Transformation framework together with our partners, we are guiding our customers to go digital quickly and giving their teams the right tools to meet the needs of today’s customers.

Joint forces to provide the best possible customer experience.

Modern customers want companies that can deliver on their promises immediately. They want brands that can provide service and support when they need it. They want brands that can connect with them where they are, not where the organisation tells them to be, and they demand a flawless experience through any channel.

That’s why we take a customer-centric approach. We create seamless and consistent customer experiences.  By listening to and understanding the whole 360° customer journey.

With more than 300 consultants and 700 customers in 5 countries, Spire contains the knowledge of the entire Salesforce Digital 360 offering:

Unleashing the full potential of our Salesforce multi cloud capabilities.

Spire focuses on local presence and the synergy of multi cloud. With a presence of 14 offices in 5 countries, we can offer services across borders.
By combining the experience of more than 315 Salesforce experts, we understand what works, what doesn’t, and what drives digital growth.

Spire guides you in making the right strategic and tactical decisions regarding digital transformation and translates this into the right Salesforce solutions to make it work.

The 6-step approach of Spire:


Digital strategy
Market Research
Blue prints & roadmap
Inspiration Lab & workshops

Define & Design

User journeys & story mapping
Concept & design


Development & integration
Data migration & cleansing


Training & user adoption
Health checks & quality assurance


Managed services
Campaign management
Content production


Online marketing
Growth hacking

This whole approach completely fits the BRIGHTFOX mindset.

We are therefore very enthusiastic about the launch of Spire – together we stand stronger and bring clients to new digital heights!

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