Customers no longer settle for impersonal, off-the-shelf service. They are right, why should they? Like consumers, business customers expect services to be fully tailored to their needs.

Sounds easier than done because B2B problems are usually complex and to handle them you often need a complete ecosystem of internal and external partners.

BRIGHTFOX would not be BRIGHTFOX if we could not offer a solution to this challenge. This blog provides some insight into how Slack helps your service staff and increases customer satisfaction. If you have any questions afterwards, feel free to contact us.

The B2B customer service challenges today

Support teams often operate on an island. They are often completely isolated from other key departments. Hand in hand goes the lack of an overall view of the total workload and performance. We often find that difficult customer support is more a case of not being able to do it and not wanting to.

But there is a solution. Slack connects teams throughout your organization and mobilizes you to better serve your customers. The result: faster case processing, higher employee productivity, a better Customer Satisfaction Score and a transformed customer experience.

The strengths of Slack integrated in Salesforce Service Cloud

Slack has a predictive search feature. This is based on artificial intelligence and shows the most relevant and useful content to handle cases. Think articles from the knowledge database, saved files and old tickets.

Over time, the AI and machine learning begin to better understand the types of searches service agents perform to find useful information. That translates into smoother operations and even more personalized customer service.

Slack also links your service console to the rest of your business. That way, experts can work together to solve problems in real time. That’s good news for complicated customer cases.

You can consult briefly and further necessary steps for handling the case can be documented. Again, the customer benefits from a faster, better experience.

An additional benefit of this joining of forces is that customer service agents receive the necessary training faster. Customer service agents gain access to expertise that was previously completely isolated and develop new skills by doing.

B2B advantages of using Slack in Salesforce Service Cloud

When facing a B2B service challenge, we know that it can be quite a challenge to get the collaboration between all parties in place quickly. Slack gets the service team to consult the right experts (other departments but also external partners and suppliers) in one shared, secure place. Goodbye chasing down contacts and answers.

On top of that, customers can continue to use their own tools, documents, and people, which can only benefit your relationship.

More proactive B2B customer service with Salesforce Services Cloud

Most service teams work reactively. That is, they provide a solution when a problem arises. We make sure that your service staff can also switch proactively so that the impact of unexpected errors, is minimized.

Slack provides service personnel, technicians and the people who analyze root causes with one central gathering place, so to speak. Everyone has all the information and tools they need in Slack to take action as quickly as possible and provide customers with a quick response. In this way, service changes from reactive (answering customers’ questions when they get in touch) to proactive, sharing important information with customers before they even realize they need it.

Slack and Salesforce Services Cloud Business Value conclusion

Make your support tools more valuable and bridge the gap between your service department and the rest of your business. Stop wasting time switching and get straight to the right expert. This way, service agents can focus on the essentials: your customers.


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