What is Salesforce Genie and how can it benefit your business?

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Salesforce Genie was the biggest announcement at Dreamforce 2022. But what exactly is Salesforce Genie and why is it worth adopting it in your business?

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What is Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce Genie is the first-ever real-time CRM that gives you the power to create hyper-personalized customer journeys.

Genie aggregates all available customer data and brings it together from every step in the customer journey into a unified customer profile, that is updated in real-time. Because the information always stays up to date, it will enable your teams to assist customers in a highly personalized way.

Genie Unified Customer Profile

An example view of the unified customer profile. Source: Salesforce.com

How is Salesforce genie different from a customer data platform?

Doesn’t Genie do the same thing that Salesforce CDP already does? Not quite. Where customer data platforms also bring siloed data together in one view, Salesforce Genie takes this to the next level by sending dynamic data in real-time to Customer 360*. This means that all customer data is constantly updated faster than ever.

The unified customer profile that is fueled by Genie can be accessed from across Salesforce’s entire product suite. For example, Salesforce Genie supports sales, marketing, service, commerce, Tableau analytics and MuleSoft, to name a few.

*Customer 360 unites your marketing, sales, service, commerce and other departments with shared data on one integrated CRM platform.

There are two key areas in which Salesforce Genie differentiates itself:

  • It updates your data in real-time
    • This allows you to send customers a product offering for something they are looking at now, rather than relying on things purchased earlier.
  • It allows your teams to adapt in real-time to what is happening in your customer’s world at that very moment.

An example to illustrate:
With sales reps relying less and less on 1-on-1 customer contacts, it is more important than ever for them to always have up-to-date customer data from every touchpoint to close bigger deals. Imagine a question being asked to a customer that they previously answered to another colleague, this can create very embarrassing situations and make your customer feel like you’re not thoroughly engaged with them.

Thanks to Salesforce Genie, situations like this can be avoided.

How can Salesforce Genie boost your business?

The main impact of Genie will be that your teams will be able to offer the best possible customer experiences. Anytime and anywhere. If your customer’s experiences are on point, you are more likely to have customers becoming loyal to your brand, which will result in increased revenue.

Another example:
You bought a pair of shoes, but they are defective after just one day. You contact customer service and don’t get an immediate response. While you wait for a solution, you receive an automated email asking if you are satisfied with your recent purchase of the same shoes. A very frustrating experience that can push your customer away from your brand for future purchases.

The above situation would not occur if your company used Service Cloud Genie, because it would instantly trigger an automatic action that would put all other marketing and sales interactions on pause until the issue is resolved.

Salesforce Genie enables your teams to respond to the needs of your customers faster than ever resulting in happy, loyal customers and employees.

How does Salesforce Genie work technically

You can think of Genie as the beating heart of real-time Customer 360. Genie takes real-time data streams, stores them, and then combines them with Salesforce transactional data. Genie’s built-in connectors pull in data from any channel (web, mobile, APIs), MuleSoft legacy data and historical data from proprietary data lakes.

Real-time customer graph salesforce

Salesforce already brought intelligence and automation to every experience, across departments with Flow and Einstein AI. Add Genie to the mix and Einstein and Flow automation services can unleash the power of hyperscale real-time data to enable more dynamic and responsive actions and engagement.

Genie runs on Hyperforce, Salesforce’s public cloud infrastructure.The Hyperforce architecture allows customers to run Salesforce services and applications from anywhere they want. The scalability of Hyperforce allows companies to scale along with their current business. Hyperforce has built-in security on board, so customer data always remains protected, which increases customer trust.

How strategic partnerships expand the power of Genie.

As most of you know, Salesforce collaborates with many other software vendors. This partner ecosystem extends the power of Salesforce to companies of all sizes and industries, and it’s no different with Salesforce Genie.
Some examples of partnerships that extend the power of Genie:


Use Amazon Sagemaker directly in conjunction with Einstein AI, thanks to “Bring your own AI” and use it in real-time in Customer 360.


You always have real-time access to all your Snowflake data via Genie and vice versa. This gives you a real-time 360 view of the customer that is always in sync across both platforms, without having to move or duplicate data.

First-party advertising

Partners such as Meta or Amazon Ads enable new privacy-safe integrations for ad activation and aggregated insights. Fueled by unified first-party data coming from Salesforce CDP, it enables you to create personalized and efficient marketing at scale.


A Genie Collection is available in AppExchange with apps that help you automate, enrich customer profiles and extend the power of real-time data with Salesforce Genie.

Genie collection on AppExchange

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