Why Slack is the must-have collaboration tool for remote teams

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In 2021, Slack, the popular tool that enhances team collaboration,  was acquired by Salesforce. The two reinforce each other in the current digital-first world, and together they aim to create the digital HQ for success from anywhere. At Dreamforce 2022, exciting new Slack features were announced. We’re happy to tell you more about them.   

Want to know how Slack can boost your teams’ productivity 

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What is Slack and what is the app’s history?

For those who are not yet familiar with the tool, Slack is a messaging app that is very popular for team communication within companies.  Especially for remote teams, Slack is an app that improves team productivity. According to Slack, using their app can reduce emails by 32% and meetings by 27% 

Slack was publicly launched in 2014 and was an instant success with 5-10% growth per week during the first year.  The increase in remote work during the Covid pandemic gave Slack another boost with growth of a whopping 43% in 2020.

Another fun fact: Slack is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge.”

Can’t really picture it yet? Then watch the video below: 

Why Salesforce and Slack are a match made in heaven

The Salesforce platform started out as a pure customer relationship management tool but evolved with industry trends and now offers capabilities to help companies recruit, develop and build loyalty with their customers. Salesforce’s unique Customer 360 proposition today brings together every department, from marketing to commerce to sales to service to IT, all on one integrated platform. 

Acquiring Slack gives Salesforce the missing communication layer on top of its other products, which is extra important now that the majority of interactions with customers, partners and colleagues are primarily digital.  

Adding Slack to the mix will further align teams within your organization and boost productivity.

Creating a single, shared view of your customer information (Salesforce) in a collaborative space (Slack) will give your teams the power to break silos 

Plus, both Salesforce and Slack integrate with all your favorite business apps, so you can bring together your existing technology and automate processes as well.

How Slack’s latest innovations will transform the digital HQ

Globally, the shift is being made to digital-first working.  

We are moving into a new era where a digital infrastructure will gradually replace the physical HQ and shift to a “digital HQ.” A digital HQ brings all the resources for your people together in one digital location, and that’s exactly what Slack is doing with their latest innovations. In addition, Slack is fully integrated with Salesforce Customer 360 allowing your teams to quickly respond to customer issues or even collaborate with customers directly. 

The new features Slack announced at Dreamforce 2022 will give your teams even more flexibility to be productive from anywhere. We highlight two of them: 

Slack Canvas 

By far the most popular Slack announcement at Dreamforce 2022 was Slack Canvas. A new platform where employees can organize, create and share information and files with each other.

When integrated with Salesforce Customer 360, Slack Canvas will enable real-time communication, help teams pull data from data systems and automate essential workflows.

In a Slack Canvas, you can bring together your team’s key information in a way that fits their needs. This can be marketing sales or service projects. 

The main benefit is that your teams no longer waste time searching for the right information and can progress faster. 

In short, it will help your teams work smarter, better and faster. Slack Canvas will be available in 2023.

New features for Slack Huddles

With a Slack Huddle, you can recreate the quick, informal discussions that you would also have at the office. Slack Huddles are lightweight audio calls that allow you and your team to talk in real-time. This saves your teams a lot of meetings and emails.

The Huddle feature has been around since 2021 and was received exceptionally well, as it was the fastest adopted feature in Slack’s history. 

To continue this success and make it even better for users, Huddles gained some important new features since the fall: 

  • Lightweight video with one click 
  • Multi-person screen sharing, drawing, and cursors 
  • Fun, relaxed atmosphere filled with your favorite emoji, reactions, and “stickers” 
  • Message thread that automatically saves to channels 

By integrating new Slack capabilities with Salesforce, teams can collaborate even faster and streamline workflows that are built around CRM data.  

In short, Slack is a must-have communication tool that allows your teams to close deals faster, deliver first-class customer experiences by enabling faster, more flexible collaborations between departments, customers and partners.  

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