We are all aware of global warming. Weather patterns are changing, polar ice is melting and the sea level is rising. That is why agreements and legislation are being set up to deal with these climate changes. We all strive to become net zero, this means balancing the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Essentially, it means that the amount we add to our atmosphere should be no more than the amount taken away.

Net Zero scale

What is Net Zero Cloud?

There are a lot of different actions an organization can take to reduce its emission and contribute to our environment. Salesforce succeeded in creating its sustainability management tool to get to ‘Net Zero’. Salesforce offers Net Zero Cloud, where we can contribute to these changes by tracking, analyzing, and efficiently reporting on environmental data. This will help you reduce your emission and costs all at once with built-in automation, real-time data, and intelligent insights available in one place.

What does scope 1, 2 and 3 represent? 

The GHG Protocol, a global standardized framework to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions, has set up three scopes to classify greenhouse emissions. Scope 1 and 2 are mandatory to report, whereas scope 3 is voluntary and the hardest to monitor.   

  • Scope 1: Direct emissionsfor example, from the company’s facilities and vehicles.
  • Scope 2: Indirect emissions owned
    for example, purchased heating, steam, cooling, and electricity for own use.
  • Scope 3: Indirect emissions not owned
    for example, purchases of goods and services, transportation emissions, and business travel.

Your benefits and features of Net Zero Cloud

  • It’s a time and labour saver. This platform is your single source of truth for all forms of environmental data, such as carbon footprint, energy use and waste management. It is also a way to get a complete view of your company’s total carbon footprint across all scopes 1,2 and 3 emissions.
  • Make well-thought-out decisions and save costs by performing scenarios on the platform and analyze the outcomes of your potential decisions using the ‘What-If’ – Analysis simulation tool. Afterwards, you can synchronize your final decision into Net Zero Cloud and keep on tracking the progress.
  • Net Zero Cloud comes with a robust supplier engagement capability that not only allows you to easily collect emission data from your suppliers but also allows you to track sustainability commitments using the supplier scorecard. Make calculations to buy products made with sustainable materials from more sustainable suppliers.
  • No more endless spreadsheets. Instead, detailed reports and real-time dashboards of key environmental data points are always available, so you can continuously monitor where you are in your journey to net zero.
  • Plan your future with Emission forecasting and find opportunities for cost savings. Net Zero Cloud also allows you to predict emissions from future business travel and provides recommendations on how to reduce them. To make it as customized as possible you’re able to group your data by department, region or anything you desire.
  • Be transparent to your investors, customers, shareholders, auditors… by providing them with an accurate overview of your carbon footprint and your organization’s impact on the environment.

 Carbon Credits and Net Zero Marketplace?

Net zero Marketplace

Reducing or avoiding emissions like greenhouse gasses (GHG) is not always a simple task for an organization. You may have clear climate strategies but are still dealing with residual emissions. No worries, you can neutralize them by buying carbon credits and compensate for those residual emissions.

What is a carbon credit?

Carbon credits are certified by governments or independent certification organizations and represent the reduction in CO ₂ or GHG emissions. One carbon credit represents the reduction, avoidance or removal of one metric ton of CO₂  or an equivalent amount of CO₂ and other GHG. 1 metric ton = 1000 kg.

When you buy carbon credits from a reputable carbon marketplace, you finance a project run by an ecopreneur, an environmentally-minded entrepreneur.

Where to find carbon credits? 

The Net Zero Marketplace website is the place to be. It is an open-to-all marketplace. You don’t need to be a Net Zero Cloud or Salesforce customer to access it. Just sign in and start your project. Powered by the Commerce Cloud, the Salesforce Net Zero Marketplace will connect buyers and ecopreneurs, offering a catalogue of projects alongside a seamless e-commerce experience for purchasing them.

Trust is the number one value. This means that any project you finance effectively gets executed. For example, trees you have financed have really been planted or solar panels are really installed at the location the ecopreneur defined in their project.

Trust and transparency are key values. With built-in tools on the Net Zero Marketplace website, you can view third-party ratings as well as Q&As.

We are all in this together, working towards the common goal of net zero emission globally, and each of us has an important role to play.

Interested in getting Net Zero now and contributing to our environment?

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, our experts are happy to help.

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