Automated and solid customer journeys with Salesforce and Pardot

About company

The real estate website connects supply and demand in the real estate market by linking buyers, sellers, renters, landlords and brokers with each other. Over the past 20 years, Funda has become one of the biggest websites in the Netherlands with an average of 5 million visitors per month. In this digital age, Funda alleviates concerns for buyers and renters, connects them with brokers by offering relevant products, functionalities and content.

Funda website

Business challenge

Funda wanted a CRM platform that could contribute to efficient (digital) marketing and have sales and customer service processes to maximize revenue regardless of market conditions. Furthermore, the platform had to give Funda scalability, viability and agility for the day-to-day business and help them to remain the leader in their industry.

Funda aims to further improve its product leadership and optimally leverage all the collected data. This information should provide business intelligence (BI) and customer intelligence (CI) to make more informed decisions. A solid CRM and data strategy supported by a centrally used CRM platform will give Funda the right tools to work smarter and so they can remain a reliable partner to their customers and maximize their revenue.

The platform will give Funda the necessary insights to strategically approach their customers in a more targeted way.

Approach & Services

BRIGHTFOX implemented Salesforce in combination with Pardot, and in order to create scalability for the future Service Cloud licenses were used.

The project was executed according to the “Agile” scrum methodology where consultants, developers, product owners and stakeholders (key users) stayed in close contact with regard to the solution. This allowed for timely adjustments and a high adoption rate within the company. The key users were trained in a “train-the-trainer” format so that Funda could subsequently train its employees.



To automate daily, repetitive tasks and better balance the workload among account managers, BRIGHTFOX built a Real Estate module into the Salesforce platform and used Advendio for the Advertising department. Account managers see trends in their data, thanks to an underlying integration with Google BigQuery. This way Funda’s sales team can stay on top of the latest trends and proactively advise customers.

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The key benefits for Funda

  • Departments and processes are connected, enabling smarter and more efficient ways of working for the following departments:
    • Marketing
    • Real Estate
    • Advertising
    • Management
  • A 360° view of the customer will provide
    • Better and more accurate knowledge of customers
    • Consistent customer interactions across teams thanks to a single source of truth
  • Automation of repetitive tasks

Product solutions

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