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About company

QLF Brands is a fast growing organisation and the driving force behind the brands QAZQA, Lampenlicht and FittinQ.

QAZQA is the quirky lighting brand. The product line under which they design and produce lighting products. Through their own webshop they mainly serve B2B customers. is the retail brand and stands for the online sale of lighting products. The standard stock consists over 3,000 different lighting articles.

FittinQ is the e-commerce platform and takes care of all fulfillment activities, both in the field of warehousing and customer services.

QLF now has 12 webshops in 11 European countries. They manage these from the office building and warehouse at the Kempisch Bedrijvenpark in Hapert. Besides the webshops they serve the market with outlet stores in Breda, Zaandam and Krakow and a store according to the omni-channel concept in Eindhoven (Ekkersrijt). The customer service departments are located in Krefeld, London, Barcelona and Krakow.

Business challenge

Lampenlicht was dealing with a number of challenges that cause the organisation to operate less efficiently than desired, which means that the maximum return was not achieved from the business operations. Lampenlicht therefore decided to implement Salesforce CRM to:

  • Gain more visibility in customer information on all levels (360 view) so QLF could respond even better to customer needs;
  • Easily share information within the company (internal and external)
  • Reduce the number of inbound calls and become a trusted advisor in light
  • Facilitate customer support in better handling of cases
  • Reduce the number of tools used
  • Perform more and better marketing activities

This will make Lampenlicht more decisive, customer- and employee-friendly in a rapidly growing organisation.

Approach & Services

To gain more control on growth Brightfox has implemented Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud at Lampenlicht. The most important goals are reducing the number of point solutions in the application landscape and to get a 360 degree view of the customer. The customer service employees had to switch over 7 different screens to gather all the required information, this doesn’t help them in becoming the trusted advisor in light.

By using and implementing Salesforce including the integrations between Salesforce and SAP an important step is made in getting more grip on the organization by:

  • Supporting the end-to-end processes as much as possible;
  • Better facilitating employees and internal processes
  • One/two single systems of truth for the customer service department
  • Improving and automating the marketing activities

Product solutions

  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Omnichannel
  • Whatsapp for Business (zelf ontwikkelde applicatie)
  • Salesforce Live Chat
  • Mirage CTI Data Connector
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Social Studio
  • Integration with SAP via ESB

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