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The City of Antwerp is a cosmopolitan city with 528.000 citizens of 174 different nationalities.
It is their mission to work towards a prosperous city where economic development goes hand in hand with corporate social responsibility and opportunities for everyone.

Business challenge

The City of Antwerp needed to replace their various marketing tools by one overall marketing system which is accessible by their Sales and Marketing team. The solution needed to aid their business with the following objectives:

  • Strengthen the international Brand Position of Antwerp towards companies
  • Position Antwerp as an international business city
  • Introduce a framework for international business marketing

Approach & Services

The City of Antwerp selected BRIGHTFOX for the implementation of the Salesforce.com Pardot solution together with the integration of Pardot with their active Salesforce CRM environment.
This project was unique in a way that the City of Antwerp needed to establish pipeline visibility across its operations within the Salesforce platform. Furthermore, they needed to automate their operations in a scalable but personalized way.

Therefore, BRIGHTFOX held a series of sessions to determine the readiness of the organization in terms of processes, content, personae’s and data availability and quality. Moreover, together with City of Antwerp we mapped out objectives and analyzed the current channels, tactics, campaigns, metrics and KPIs they currently used. Additionally, BRIGHTFOX held various sessions and introduced tactics to help make their Marketing solution comply with the new GDPR-laws.

The final outcome of this exercise is an implementation roadmap that helps in determining the quick wins that need to be implemented in the 'MVP', and the strategic advantages that Salesforce can offer in the longer term.

In order to determine this roadmap, BRIGHTFOX worked according to the ICE methodology (Impact vs. costs & efforts). This resulted in the following results:

Connected the sales team with the customer experience as the new Pardot instance enables the sales and marketing team to connect across a shared platform of unified data. Effectively creating a 360°-view of the prospect.

  • Set up of lead scoring and grading criteria to identify a prospect’s engagement level and stage in the buyer’s journey along with how good of a fit they are for them.
  • Set up of lead qualification processes to equip the sales team with pre-qualified leads to contact.
  • Creation of automated 1:1 engagement programs across channels like email and web linked to their Salesforce CRM environment to attract businesses to Antwerp.
  • Senior management can view metrics and reporting from a single dashboard to analyse sales performance and optimize sales and marketing strategies.

Currently we are supporting DigiPolis Antwerp to further enhance their CRM/Pardot solution

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