A complete KMSKA branded Salesforce solution for better visitor engagement and audience growth

About company

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp is a public institution of the Government of Flanders and the only Flemish museum with scientific status. The principal mission of the KMSKA is the maintenance, management and expansion of the collection; the scientific study of the collection and the enhancement of its accessibility; the organization of exhibitions and the development of public engagement activities.

The KMSKA subscribes to the Statutes of ICOM, the International Council of Museums. Thanks to its exceptional collection, the KMSKA is a museum of international stature.

Business challenge

Linking the existing database with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to give KMSKA the opportunity to get a 360° view of the visitor in one portal. The tool will allow KMSKA to optimize customer service by sending personalized communication to the visitors at the right time. It will also contribute to customer loyalty and the visitor experience. KMSKA can stay in touch with the visitor throughout the whole experience, but also after they have visited the museum. In this way, they will bind people to the organization.

Implementing the social media monitoring system will allow KMSKA to see at a glance what appears about them on various social media channels. In addition, they can schedule messages and campaigns, listen broadly and engage with the public. This will also enable them to analyze their social media efforts.

Approach & Services

A complete branded Salesforce solution
BRIGHTFOX delivered a complete KMSKA branded solution, built on the specific requirements of the communication team. Next to the standard KMSKA templating of emails and registration pages, BRIGHTFOX also guided KMSKA in the setup of engaging Marketing Cloud journeys.

This is particularly useful in broadening the relationship between the visitor and the museum and is based on their communication profile and response to ongoing engagement with KMSKA. Visitors will receive a set of hyper-personalized messages during a specific timeframe, leading them to other content or guiding them to relevant information.


Better social engagement
In order to reach a wider audience than the known visitors, Social Studio was implemented. This solution combines the capabilities of ‘listening, engaging and analyzing’ with all KMSKA social handles.

From these social interactions, further triggered activities can be set up in Salesforce CRM or Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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