Shining a Light on Efficiency: Energiehuis Oostende’s Salesforce Transformation

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Energiehuis Oostende, a department of the City of Oostende, is dedicated to assisting homeowners, renters, and entrepreneurs in optimizing their energy consumption. They provide comprehensive support to all its citizens with a wide range of services such as energy scans, water scans, rooftop insulation, solar panels, and grants. However, the organization faced challenges in managing citizen information, follow-up on contact with citizens, and coordinating efforts among team members due to a reliance on multiple Excel files. This led to inefficiencies, repeated data sharing, and a loss of overview.

Business challenge

Streamlining Operations and Energizing Customer Service


To address these challenges, Energiehuis Oostende was searching for a CRM system with core functionalities to streamline its operations and enhance customer service. This means creating a centralized and complete view within one application. In addition, they were looking for a way to efficiently generate reports out of the application. Which is why they reached out to Cronos Public Services for guidance in their digital transformation journey and connected to BRIGHTFOX for their expertise in CRM implementations.


Approach & Services

Efficiency Unleashed: Power of data and Automation

Energiehuis Oostende is now much closer to its goal of streamlining operations and boosting customer service as they embraced Salesforce Service Cloud, implemented by BRIGHTFOX.
With a 360° customer view and a multi-channel solution for inquiries, employees gained unprecedented access to customer information. But more is possible. Collecting Ostend’s patrimony and placing it centrally within the CRM system gives the possibility to map the renovation degree and condition of the buildings.

Salesforce has simplified multiple tasks. For example, creating a new contact is now much faster thanks to the integration with Outlook and a shortcut in the Salesforce homepage.

“Salesforce is a CRM system with great potential and still much to discover.”
Alexander De Vos – Energiehuis Oostende

Powering the future

The success of this Salesforce implementation facilitated Energiehuis Oostende’s growth setting the stage for future scalability. Exciting plans are underway to further enhance their Salesforce environment. Experts visiting new addresses for energy scans will soon be able to input data directly into Salesforce, simplifying the collection of vital information on heating, insulation, and more.

With Salesforce Service Cloud, Energiehuis Oostende has become a true success story, delivering exceptional customer service and fostering collaboration among team members. This powerful platform enables efficient management of client inquiries, supporting energy optimization initiatives and supports continuously evolving client needs. Together with Cronos public services, Brightfox, and Salesforce, Energiehuis Oostende is driving sustainable energy consumption in the community.

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