GCoM Regions Portal built on the Salesforce Community Cloud

About company

GCoM is the largest global alliance for city climate leadership, built upon the commitment of over 10,000 cities and local governments. The cities and partners of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy share a long-term vision of supporting voluntary action to combat climate change. Together, they are working towards a resilient and low-emission society.

Business challenge

One of GCoM’s main objectives was to facilitate an inclusive, transparent, and accurate city and local government commitment progress tracking system across its Regional/National Covenants (RCs) and with the Global Secretariat. Currently, RCs rely heavily on the use of different software programs and tracking methods that are not intuitively connected and produce a variety of file format compatibility issues, impeding cross-RC progress. As GCoM expands within and across its regions, a unified system will be paramount to ensuring that the alliance can accurately track the progress of its committed cities, communicate effectively with partners in-region, and achieve its broader goals in the future.

Approach & Services

The Board Portal as a hub that streamlines coordination and collaboration between Board Members, their staff, the GCoM Global Secretariat, and the alliance of GCoM partners. The Board Portal leverages the Salesforce community platform, allows users to launch ideas and vote on topics, and is linked to the Regions Portal.

The Regions Portal as the hub for tracking city climate progress, sharing information, and storing documents both within and across each of GCoM's Regional and National Covenants. The Regions Portal also leverages the Salesforce community platform to facilitate:

  • Collaboration between GCoM partners globally and in-region
  • Progress tracking on the growth of the diverse GCoM alliance of cities, local governments, and partners
  • Interactive reports and dashboards

The CRM platform gives all users an environment to input, monitor, and report on key information across the GCoM alliance.

Training & Videos: an end-user and admin training, focused on managing communities was given at the end of the project. A training video series, featuring a walkthrough of key features, was also created to help onboard new users present and future.

Product solutions

  • Community Cloud

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