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The City of Tilburg in The Netherlands

Recently, the team with the City of Tilburg reached a new milestone in their Omnichannel Project. They are proud to present the integration of their own telephony system in the Salesforce Platform.

Tilburg is a city, located in the province of North Brabant (The Netherlands). They have implemented a Sales- and Service cloud solution and most recently they have added the integration of their telephony system to an already impressive array of functionalities. They are now able to allow the Customer Contact Center to work multichannel.

Business challenge

One overview, one CRM

In the past, the City of Tilburg used a multitude of non-integrated channels, which resulted in valuable information not being found or even getting lost. This had a negative impact on both customer satisfaction and employee efficiency.

The city was looking for an omnichannel strategy to optimize its services to the public. They wanted to bring all these fragmented pieces of information together in one robust CRM system so that contact requests were structured, and information was available on one overview (e.g., link emails to a specific process).

This would be a great step forward in making the contact center work omnichannel instead of multichannel. With this new strategy, channels would be interchangeable, and the experience and information would remain the same. This allowed the City of Tilburg to offer a better service in dealing with requests from community members.

It would be possible for citizens to get a notification when their driving license needs to be renewed or to automatically send a message for parking permit applications when people move. Even suggestions for WhatsApp groups would be possible.

Approach & Services

How it works

It all starts with a community member, entrepreneur or visitor who contacts the  (14013). He is routed through a selection menu and/or smart routing to a call taker. This call taker will receive a visual and auditory signal of an incoming contact request on his computer and can answer the request directly from the Salesforce Platform. The system also allows call takers to consult with a colleague before making a decision. Additionally, calls can easily be transferred to another call taker or colleague.

Efficiency is key

If a customer already had contact with the city in the past, the system recognizes him, and the call taker not only sees the customer’s name, but he also gets a full customer view. This includes previous contacts such as calls, emails, WhatsApp messages, chats, social media messages, and previously created product requests and/or cases from the case system.

The omnichannel functionality in Salesforce not only allows customers to contact the call center through the channel of their choice but also allows employees to work in a blended way. This means that the system will recognize the total workload of the call takers across channels and can distribute work (e-mails, calls, chats, …) optimally and timely.

City employees will see a uniform user interface and have access to functionalities, such as the registration of product requests, call-back notifications and knowledge searches, regardless of the channel that is being used. The UI (user interface) is a graphically designed shell that allows users to communicate with devices and systems. This will allow the user to interact with the system or device, and the system can present information to the user.

omnichannel telephony solution

A Win-Win-Situation

The contact center supervisor will get insights into queues and workload through real-time dashboards. He will be able to intervene at any time and add more call-takers to the queue if necessary. This will keep waiting- and handling times in check.

With the Salesforce Platform, the City of Tilburg gets a contemporary CRM solution with a modern Customer Contact Center. It hereby increases the efficiency of its employees, reduces their workload and increases customer satisfaction.

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