Promoting collaboration, higher-quality leads, and sales growth at James Hardie

About company

James Hardie is a company that produces and sells construction products around the world. James Hardie is big in façade cladding, fibre cement and timber frame construction. In addition, they participate in large infrastructure project.

Business challenge

James Hardie aims to build one new company with an open communication structure by merging several companies. By using a CRM platform, data can be shared more easily creating more transparency and making it easier to collaborate on projects. This promotes collaboration, leads to higher-quality leads, and should ultimately result in sales growth.

Approach & Services

Brightfox has started a number of workshops to map the current processes. Based on the capability mapping, the first phase looked at the Epics that would deliver the most business value. These epics have been developed into concrete user stories and have been realised by the scrum project team. After the delivery of the environment, Brightfox helped with the roll-out, training and hypercare for 14 European countries with around 400 end users.

Product solutions

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Pardot


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