One Integrated Global Customer Creation Solution

About company

Abena is a Danish, family owned production and trading company headquartered in Aabenraa in the southwest of Denmark.

The company was founded in 1953 - and just like that, they are still characterized by a South Jutland corporate culture today, where ethics, the environment and good tradesmanship are paramount.

Trust, justice and cooperation are 3 values that reflect the way they work.
The values are expressed daily in the way they interact - both as colleagues, but also in relation to customers and suppliers.

Their assortment primarily revolves around incontinence and health care solutions, but also includes a wide range of related disposables such as protective wear, gloves, waste management, food service, paper and cleaning supplies. Their customers are nursing homes, hospitals, incontinence clinics, doctor’s offices, consumers and a range of businesses operating in various related

The Abena Group, which is represented by subsidiaries in a long list of countries, supplies more than 30.000 products and operates in more than 80 countries across the globe.

Business challenge

BRIGHTFOX implemented salesforce in 2017 and currently Abena rolled out salesforce in Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Norway, United Kingdom and the United States of America and is about to roll out in Sweden. At this moment they have 441 active used licences.

One example that was really important for Abena is to have a “One Integrated Global Customer Creation Solution”. BRIGHTFOX collaborated with Abena to make this happen and in april 2020 they established together this solution. Another example that was established with the help of BRIGHTFOX is to have salesforce as the focal point for the process of samples. BRIGHTFOX is currently working on new projects which include implementing CPQ and CTI.

In order to keep everything up and running and to train the end users to work with all these processes, BRIGHTFOX established a way to support, train and collaborate with Abena

Approach & Services

BRIGHTFOX collaborated with Abena’s Global CRM Manager and CRM Business Development Manager and configured the agile accelerator. BRIGHTFOX also developed changes in the accelerator so that the specific wishes for Abena were met. In combination with the configuration of reports and dashboards, Abena has now a full operating Manage Agile Development and support process.

The Super users from Abena can now create user stories concerning bugs, minor requests, change requests and new processes. These user stories are discussed by the CRM managers and the BRIGHTFOX support/ Development team and picked up every day in order to let the business work as well organized as possible.

BRIGHTFOX is next to these user stories always on top of the latest new releases from Salesforce. This results in discussing, adding and configuring new features so that the business can work more efficient. BRIGHTFOX believes that user experience is very important for adoption of the salesforce product. Therefore we create a tips and tricks section in the Abena org which every super user belongs to. In this section the superusers will find training material like detailed instructions including screenshots but also video tutorials created by BRIGHTFOX concerning new processes or features.

Collaboration is highly valued by Abena and this also reflects in the way we work with Abena, we train the super users and they train the end users. We encourage Abena to share information within the company in order to pick up difficulties and find solutions for them.

Together with the Abena marketing team we helped Abena reviewing their current way of working. We translated the Abena vision: "Grip on health" into a marketing strategy.

With the help of Pardot, the automated Salesforce marketing tool, we first segmented a target group, what allows lead nurturing campaigns to be highly targeted. In order to nurture a specific audience group, Abena can sort them into the same list. By segmenting by audience location, product interest, and engagement level Abena filtered their audience. According to the rules Abena want, new prospects will be added to the right groups and lists automatically! An automated process will send personalized and relevant content to prospects and customers at every stage of their buying journeys.

Product solutions

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Agile accelerator
  • Reports and Dashboards

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