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About company

OVAM is an environmental agency in Flanders (Northern region of Belgium) dealing with the issues of Soil Remediation, Waste and Sustainable Materials Management (SMM).

Business challenge

OVAM needs resources for a CRM project, in particular Salesforce.

OVAM has been commissioned to develop a file follow-up system for asbestos removal projects at 6,000 schools. OVAM wishes to complete this assignment via the Salesforce Platform and Community Cloud. This project would also be a pilot project for Salesforce such as CRM. Providing first class helpdesk and service support is a major requirement.

Approach & Services

BRIGHTFOX delivered an end-to-end system built on the Salesforce Platform in combination with the Salesforce Community Cloud.

This project is unique in the way that OVAM needed an environment where they could automatically capture and process incoming asbestos removal requests from schools as well as make the data available for the OVAM specialist, the expert and the contractor

All of the information with regard to the request or file would be available via a community where each contractor or specialist can log in to. This community platform is powered by the Salesforce Community Cloud. Each contractor or expert can only see the files/work orders appointed to them as well as adjust information, add documents and create a new file. Meaning they only have access to the data that they need to see.

Furthermore, the creation of each request can be initiated by the school itself. Based on the assigned expert to the school the request will automatically take over this expert, of course this can be changed manually by the OVAM request owner. The file owner can also choose to automatically assign a contractor based on dynamic rules or choose one manually.

A second part of their implementation is focused on individuals. A website has been foreseen ( ) where individuals can verify which governmental grants are available within their city. A search is made available based on postal code or city where you’ll be retrieving a list of all available governmental grants. This is dynamically manageable by OVAM in their Salesforce environment.

Finally, we provided admin - and end user training sessions so OVAM has the Salesforce Knowledge in house to maintain their Salesforce environment. In addition, we provide ongoing support for any new additions they would like to add as well as inform them about new features that might complement their business.

Product solutions

  • Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud

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