Configurable, process-based Salesforce solution for Port of Antwerp

About company

The Port of Antwerp (PoA) is the largest port of Belgium and the second largest in Europe. Thanks to its connection to the North Sea by the Western Scheldt, the Port is a major player in international trade. The associated company has over 1.600 workers who make sure the Port functions and grows. They manage and maintain docks, bridges, quay walls, and much more. They also operate and maintain a fleet of approximately 30 ships in order to perform jobs like towing, dredgings or inspections.

Business challenge

Port of Antwerp's mission is to strive for zero work-related accidents. They were looking for a way to record commuting accidents, work accidents and near-accidents and thus map where the problems are and what measures they should take to avoid them in the future. Besides that, they also wanted to be able to add more information to the incident and investigate what could have caused this incident to happen in the first place. Finally, they want to define and work out measures to avoid similar accidents in the future.

Approach & Services

Port of Antwerp already had a clear view of what they wanted, and they already had Salesforce in mind but needed some more expertise to fulfill the requirements. The idea was to do this by collaborating, BRIGHTFOX had to built some requirements and afterwards they schedule a meeting to explain and show how this is setup (technically). This way Port of Antwerp will understand how things are setup and are able to pinpoint if something behaves unexpectedly.
In the end BRIGHTFOX delivered a configurable, process-based solution to make sure that all the information is easily stored and reviewed as needed. Incidents coming in, are to be automatically assigned to the responsible group for follow up. They will take action, and propose measures, which will go through the formal approval process before being implemented.

Integrating with what Port of Antwerp calls their 'Salesforce Gateway' a type of middleware they use to make sure data is pushed from Salesforce to the Gateway and can then be pushed to wherever they want. For example, updating the state of the incident back to the app (PAM) or all the data in Salesforce pushed to a datastore that could then be processed for analytical purposes (Power BI) and so on.

BRIGHTFOX was responsible for the following:

  • Translate business needs into a functional and technical model - during workshops
  • Architecture & Design of business process and integrations
  • Implementation of the business processes and customized workflows.
  • Introduce standard way of doing release/deployment management
  • Technical Training

Product solutions

  • Integration via REST/API
  • Introduction of Click deploy

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