Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for BNG Bank

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BNG Bank - Driven by social impact

BNG Bank focuses exclusively on the public domain in the Netherlands. Its customers include municipalities, housing corporations and healthcare and educational institutions. The ambition is that clients see the bank as a natural partner for solving their social issues. BNG Bank is the fourth largest bank in the Netherlands in terms of balance sheet total.

Business challenge

BNG Bank's objective was to phase out its existing CRM system (Superoffice) by implementing Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. The system stored relationship data and supported the customer service in their case management process. In addition, Salesforce had to help the bank with structuring and securing the KYC (Know Your Customer) / CDD (Customer Due Diligence) process. The implementation of Salesforce also had to help centralize BNG Bank's customer data landscape.

Approach & Services

BRIGHTFOX started out with several workshops to map the existing processes. These workshops created a good picture of how Salesforce should be set up and allowed BNG Bank to streamline its operations in preparing for the automation and guidance from Salesforce. Thanks to the output of these workshops, BRIGHTFOX created a clear scope and realized the MVP in the first phase of eight months.

Eight months is longer than our average MVP implementations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, we redirected our implementation and adoption strategy to a fully digital and online one. After realizing the Minimum Viable Product, the collaboration between BRIGHTFOX and BNG Bank was continued by doing the daily management and development in DevOps mode. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the business, product owner, scrum master, and analysts of BNG Bank, the team can add direct value to the Salesforce implementation every day.

BRIGHTFOX also guided the organization through the implementation of Salesforce. Early in the project, the BRIGHTFOX Adoption Manager interacted with end-users and built a key user network. Training, testing, and the creation of new requirements are supported thanks to this discipline. We implemented an e-learning module in Salesforce to measure the knowledge level of employees before implementation. This way we knew that the organization was ready for a successful Go-live in September 2020.

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