Salesforce University Training Courses

About company

Salesforce University empowers your people with the skills and knowledge to get the most out of Salesforce, no matter their role. In fact, customers who invest in training consistently report greater than 80% ROI on their Salesforce investment.
They offer an extensive curriculum that covers every Salesforce product, from in-person classes with hands-on instruction, to private workshops, custom training, and more.

Business challenge

Salesforce University is constantly looking for passionated Salesforce instructors with a broad CRM & Salesforce knowledge to give technical training courses (classroom/online).
Within the EUT offering (End User Training) the Salesforce instructor will also produce the training curriculum based on the customer’s business processes.

Approach & Services

GEN-C is responsible for the following:

  • Salesforce Training technical users like for example Administrators (classroom / online)
    • ADM201 / STR101 (Administrator)
    • ADM211 (Advanced Administrator)
    • SLS/SLX101 (Sales Cloud Training for Sales reps)
    • RPT101 (Reports & Dashboards)
  • Salesforce Training end users (classroom / online)
  • Producing Training Materials (Manual, LMS, …)
  • Supported languages : English, Dutch, French & German

Product solutions

  • Technical Training courses (Public & Private)
  • End User Training

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