All aboard effortlessly with streamlined and automated communication journeys for Aviato.

About company

Aviato vzw is an employment service provider based at Brussels Airport. The Company primarily focuses on jobs and offers career advice in the aviation sector.  Aviato services job searchers and employers is a joint initiative between public, private, and government partners.

Aviato makes jobs at the airport more accessible and facilitates the integration of new airport personnel at Brussels Airport.  Next to that, Aviato aims to help existing employees to further develop their careers within the airport community.

Aviato is a close cooperation between VDAB, Actiris, the Province of Flemish Brabant, BECI, VOKA, SFTL and Brussels Airport Company, as well as its partners Bruxelles Formation, le Forem, SFAL, Air Cargo Belgium and Toekomstforum Halle-Vilvoorde.

Business challenge

Aviato required a powerful and intelligent platform to streamline its communication efforts to job searchers, employees and employers.  All email communications needed to be more personalized, ready for dynamic content and with more reporting functionalities on customer engagement.  The solution needed to be future-proof and ready for the next steps in communicating with their audiences through mixed channels.

Approach & Services

BRIGHTFOX delivered a complete Aviato branded solution, inspired by the existing VDAB model and built explicitly based on the Aviato requirements.

Next to the obvious Aviato templating of emails and registration pages, BRIGHTFOX also helped Aviato in setting up the Marketing Cloud Journeys.

BRIGHTFOX provided a setup that can automatically launch and fulfill complete an 'onboarding journey' for new contacts, based on their communication profile and respond to ongoing engagement with the Aviato emails.  The contact will get a set of hyper-personalized messages during a specific timeframe, leading to other content or guiding him to relevant career information.

We created an "event journey" specifically for live events, to help Aviato build a meaningful communication journey, which consists of invite emails to registration pages, confirmation emails to follow-up and evaluation messages.

Product solutions

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Audience Builder

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