The Salesforce Building Blocks for Flanders Digital

About company

Digitaal Vlaanderen (Flanders Digital) is the dedicated partner for the Flemish and Local governments. It supports them in their transformation endeavours towards a Digital Future.

At the beginning of 2021, Flanders Digital was founded by consolidating Informatie Vlaanderen and the IT department of Flanders Facility Management. It supports a wide range of products and platforms, ranging from front desks and front office solutions to ICT management and security, and even data management.

Business challenge

The Project

The business world is constantly changing, adapting new technologies and innovations. Governments need to move with them to keep up with the needs of their customers, their citizens. Managing a government IT infrastructure is a complex matter, therefor it was necessary that the digitisation project was resilient but flexible enough to adapt to fast changing requirements.

Building Blocks

Flanders Digital decided to work with Digital Building Blocks. They are small to medium sized chunks of functionalities that can be plugged into a Salesforce Org. You can compare these blocks with apps in an iTunes store or a Google Market Place. Each block serves a specific purpose, they can be repurposed for different departments or even adapted and augmented if necessary. The idea is to create a library of blocks that allow for fast and secure implementation of new functionalities.

Approach & Services

Brightfox’s involvement

Flanders Digital needed a reliable partner to help analyse and build these blocks. Because of Brightfox’s experience as a Salesforce Implementation Partner with local government and their vast knowledge in integration projects, they were chosen to help Flanders Digital to build and enhance their library of Building Blocks.

Helping local governments such as the City of Hasselt and Knokke-Heist with their integration needs proved valuable in this project. It demonstrated their prowess to seamlessly merge various systems and consolidate the requirements into Building Blocks.

Work in Progress

Building blocks and maintaining them is a work in progress. Up till now, Brightfox has helped bring the following blocks to maturity:

  • They documented the requirements to integrate a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) system so that calls could be made and responded to from within Salesforce. This allowed workers to use the full potential of the data in Salesforce to answer calls in an optimal way.
  • Most departments have digital front desks which meant that it was important to also make sure citizens could use a digital signature to validate official documents. Brightfox implemented the eSign Building Block, which allows for a digital signature library and allows users and citizens to use their electronic signature.
  • The Documentation Department (MAGDA) needed to be able to authenticate documents. Brightfox set up a unifying process by connecting systems like KRING, MAGDA and KSZ.
  • Mijn Burgerprofiel (My Citizen’s profile) is a portal that gives citizens one overview of all their interactions with the government, such as pension, government grants, case files, etc. For this Brightfox took care of
    • linking the login banner to Salesforce,
    • A package for DOSIS (Case file Status Information System), which collates and discloses information about the availability and status of a case file with the government.
    • A system to send out notifications to citizens whenever new information is available.

  • Databron (Data Source) contains a register with addresses and organizations for which Brightfox created the Building block
  • Managed security through ACM/IDM, Apigee and BYOK3
  • Brightfox repurposed components from Flanders Digital to create a platform to register displaced persons from the Ukraine and helped build a solution to manage the integration process of newcomers.
  • It also integrated a previous project at VDAB, the Flemish Department for Employment, into the Salesforce Building Blocks.


The future: Unleashing the Potential of the Salesforce Building Blocks.

Brightfox continues to fuel innovation by actively contributing to the development of new Salesforce building blocks. These include enhancements to Mijn Burgerprofiel, platform security and more.

Brightfox's commitment to innovation, integration, and excellence is transforming Flanders Digital's digital landscape. As a trusted partner, Brightfox is paving the path toward digital transformation, empowering Flemish and local governments to achieve unprecedented efficiency and success.

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