Partner Management & Marketing Automation

About company

VDAB is a governmental-owned institution. VDAB‘s objective is to help all Flemish citizens to develop their own working career. VDAB hosts an inspiring network and as a service provider they motivate citizens to develop their talents and skills.

It is their mission to the benefit of employers, employees and job seekers to ensure the recruitment, supervision and training, organizing and promoting. With a view to a sustainable place in the labor market for all job seekers and employees.

Business challenge

The VDAB challenges are (1) the replacement of their (Siebel) Marketing application with a new future-proof Marketing Automation Platform and (2) a new application to support the strategical management of the VDAB partners.

Approach & Services

1. BRIGHTFOX was responsible for the implementation of the Marketing Cloud. This to replace their current Siebel Marketing application. The Marketing Cloud added value to VDAB’s technology stack by introducing new features that automated their day-to-day communication efforts across various channels such as email and mobile. Furthermore, our Certified Marketing Cloud Consultants organized end-user trainings so VDAB users can easily navigate and work within their Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment.

2. BRIGHTFOX has also delivered an end-to-end Partner Management solution built on the Salesforce Platform. This solution helps VDAB to provide strategical management for their partners with several integrations to their internal Master Repository and Active Directory. During the pre-project go live period, BRIGHTFOX was responsible for the implementation of the requirements but also for the roll out of the change-management and communication plan. Moreover, BRIGHTFOX developed all the necessary formations, work instructions and took care of education the various end users.

This project is unique in a way that VDAB needed a scalable solution that can grow with them as they identify new business needs. Therefore BRIGHTFOX is continuously acting as a CRM / Marketing Cloud helpdesk within the existing VDAB Helpdesk to capture, design or redesign of existing and supplementary processes.

Finally, Change management was a critical part of VDAB’s transformation. Therefore, project champions were selected to lead the change and educate employees about the benefits of moving to Salesforce, building trust in the new solution.

At VDAB, Digital Transformation isn’t a Destination, It’s an ongoing journey.

Product solutions

  • App Cloud Enterprise
  • Marketing Cloud (B2C / Exact Target)


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