Public Sector

Build and support thriving communities with Public Sector Solutions from Salesforce.

Salesforce is the platform that helps the Public Sector transform its engagements – giving public servants a 360-degree view of citizens, stakeholders and partners.

It has never been more important for federal, state and local agencies to provide a seamless customer experience to clients: personal when needed and digitally independent if possible. When different departments are able to use each other’s data, each individual department can get a better idea of the citizens and therefore help and advise them much better. Another challenge is the significant investments in legacy applications that pose the most common obstacle to digital transformation.

Get a scalable, flexible, and secure platform with apps and services designed to create a Citizen 360 environment.

✔︎ Implement immediately and notice impact in days, not years

✔︎ Deliver an excellent level of service and create satisfaction and build trust

✔︎ Innovate to give your employees the power of the Salesforce technology

How VDAB helps all Flemish citizens to develop their own careers, encouraging citizens to develop their talents and competences to the maximum.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud VDAB designed customer journeys to connect citizens to an inspiring network that guides them and provides training courses with a view to the lifelong and sustainable integration into the labour market.

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Service management

Streamline services with purpose-built applications for the public sector.

Transform how the public sector engages with constituents and communities by implementing digital-first solutions for licensing, permitting, inspections, grants management and emergency response. Now public sector organizations can use a single platform to improve collaboration and elevate operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Marketing Cloud

Explore possibilities with Marketing Cloud

Reach your constituents with world’s #1 email marketing platform. Use data from every department to build smarter email; from basic campaigns to sophisticated, personalized messages. Gain relevant feedback across marketing, sales and service from the office or on your mobile app with in-depth reporting.

Community Cloud

Drive adoption with Community Cloud

Get help modernizing IT and support employees through a community of industry peers and a partner ecosystem of leading system integrators and implementation experts. Whether you have how-to questions or technical issues, you can access skill development training and get expert answers from our skilled support team.

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