Student Masterclass

Aim for perfection

The Salesforce Masterclass is specifically designed for the innovator inside you and introduces you to the strength of Salesforce in a hands-on way. Moreover, we open up 4 seats at our desk during the summer for participants to fill and learn Salesforce.


Flexible shedule, tools & motivation.

Terms to boost your knowledge
You are free to choose your Salesforce Masterclass schedule during the months July & August. However, we expect you have the necessary tools to work with (laptop, phone, transport). To conclude, we expect that you are highly motivated and eager to learn.

The goal of the Masterclass

Increase your knowledge get hands-on experience position yourself on the market.

Strive for excellence
Become an expert in the world’s #1 Customer Success Platform, Salesforce. This, by translating theory into practice by delivering your project to the customer and to us. Finally, expertise is shown on paper, obtain your Salesforce Certification.

What we provide

Mentorship, Start-to-End-Project & Certification.

Tools to skyrocket your knowledge
A personal mentor will guide you through the Salesforce Masterclass. In addition, you’ll be assigned a real project for a real customer to showcase your expertise. Finally, you’ll be given the opportunity to get Salesforce Certified without any costs.


What’s in it for you?

  • A possible contract proposal with A cheque of 800,00 euros
  • Obtain your Salesforce Certification
  • Hands-on experience with the #1 Customer Success Platform

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