Give your sales the right tools to close more deals

Salesforce CPQ is a unified platform where you cater the needs of the customers. It runs approvals in parallel across multiple departments so your reps can move faster.

Get complete quote to cash solutions for any industry!

Configure complex deals

Accelerate direct and channel partner sales with a scalable process.

Manage recurring revenue

Align quotes with your customers’ needs with subscriptions and usage billing options.

Unify sales and finance

Streamline quote to cash by breaking down front and back office silos.

Commit to CPQ and be able to quickly adapt and scale through advanced customer solutions.

Help companies transofmrer one-off product sales to a whole of solutions sales, subscriptions and usage-based pricing.

CPQ gets your sales reps to dare to throw themselves into complex and easily present a bundled offering. It also makes it easier to automate recurring revenue for services, subscriptions and usage-based billing.

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Customer Cases

The Salesforce Building Blocks for Flanders Digital

An integrated solutions to follow-up calls and surveys

Shining a Light on Efficiency: Energiehuis Oostende’s Salesforce Transformation

An integrated telephony solution for Tilburg

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