Easily generating and processing documents in Salesforce

Do you spend a lot of time on creating, sending, signing and storing documents like quotations, contracts and reports? Documizers helps simplifying and automating these document and email processes. Their document solution, DocuFlow, brings all manual tasks together in one single Salesforce process by interconnecting all the applications involved. This makes generating, sending, digitally signing and archiving a piece of cake!


DocuFlow’s personalized document templates automatically extract customer information from Salesforce. So, documents are generated automatically!


DocuFlow reads and archives incoming documents and emails automatically ánd connects them to a workflow.

Send and save

Documents are sent with an automatically generated email. Both will be saved and connected to a Salesforce account.

Digitally sign

Customers can sign documents easily and fast. Also handy for internal use!


Save your emails and documents automatically in the Document Management System.

Proces automation

Automate your document related actions with DocuFlow and save plenty of time!


An example: DocuFlow automates the quotation process

The quotation process can take a lot of time. Only creating and designing the document is already much work. After that, you need to convert the quotation to PDF, save it, create the email, send it, have it signed and archive it. All these actions are reduced to one single Salesforce process by DocuFlow.

documizers quotation process

The benefits of DocuFlow:

  • Fast and easy: save plenty of time and money
  • Reduce the amount of manual actions – hello efficiency!
  • Uniformity: all colleagues work according the same process
  • Professionalize contact with customers and partners
  • Always the right branding with a standardized design
  • Signing digitally is more reliable than offline
  • All functionalities are integrated with Salesforce and other integrations like Word and Outlook
  • DocuFlow integrates with more than 50(!) applications

Something extra: make a dazzling impression with Flipbook

Flipbook turns your documents into an online browsable experience. Off course all in your own branding. Make it interactive by adding URL’s, video and audio.

View an example of Flipbook!

About Documizers

Documizers has 20 years of experience in document automation. They help organizations to simplify and automate work around documents such as quotations, contracts, employment agreements and forms. The team of Documizers is known for its knowledge of document processes, personal contact and short lines of communication. Documizers is located in the Netherlands.


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