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Reduce your company emissions and company costs

Net Zero scale

Contribute to becoming Net Zero together with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. Net Zero means balancing the amount of greenhouse gas we add to the atmosphere and the amount removed from the atmosphere.

Track, analyze, and efficiently report on environmental data with this single source of truth platform. This will help you reduce your emission and costs all at once with built-in automation, real-time data, and intelligent insights available in one place.


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Perform scenarios on the platform and analyze the outcomes of your potential decisions using the ‘What-If’- Analysis simulation tool.


Continuously monitor where you are in your journey to net zero with real-time Reports and Dashboards.

Save costs

Plan your future and find opportunities. Get insightful recommendations for reducing cost and emissions.


Provide all stakeholders with an accurate overview of your carbon footprint and your organization’s impact on the environment.

Customer Cases

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An integrated telephony solution for Tilburg

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