PDF Butler

Salesforce document generation made easy!

Why Salesforce users, admins and developers love using PDF Butler? With PDF Butler as your assistant, you can reduce your administrative efforts to practically zero. PDF Butler allows you to create personalized & branded documents that are spot on. All this with a single click.

Easy Doc Gen Setup

Because your customers demand a personalised experience tailored to their needs and in their language when interacting with your company.

Doc Gen Challenges

To enable further personalisation without compromising the UX.

Drive Salesforce Adoption

Because employees who can place the customer at the centre of their communication thanks to automated document flows experience greater efficiency.

Evolving requirements

From quick and simple templates to all possible extensions with, for example, logos, dynamic photos, translation of selection lists via the translation workbench, data from external objects, QR or barcode, …

Doc Gen collaboration

After all, cross-departmental work leads to efficiency gains.

SIGN Butler

SIGN Butler will give your customers a convenient, yet secure way to sign electronically which will result in faster business lifecycles.

PDF butler is known for its:

Highly reliability

Real-time, blazing fast and highly scalable.

Authoring in Word

Build great documents in hours and change them when you want!

Integration possibilities

Use our App or our very easy API’s.


Pay-as-you-go, elastic & Highly scalable.


Authenticated, encrypted and verified.

Just a few of our features:

  • Supporting simple to highly complex data models
  • Multi-language, multi-locale & multi-currency
  • Re-usable templates (static + dynamic)
  • Page numbering (even with templates)
  • Repeatable table headers
  • Complex grouping scenarios
  • Headers & footers
  • Criteria to in/exclude parts of your document
  • Dynamic file names
  • Pictures (static + dynamic)
  • Bulleted or numbered lists
  • Watermark
  • Omni-channel
  • Document merging

The way you can operate PDF Butler

1. Transactional

Create instant e-docs in your one-2-one customer interactions. It does not matter if this through your sales department, via a mobile device or through your website.


2. Bulk

You need to create a large amount of e-docs at a specific moment and in a specific time-frame. Go for our Bulk solutions. PDF Butler spins up an environment that scales at your needs and delivers.

Built with Omni-channel in mind

Built with Omni-channel in mind, PDF Butler centralises the creation of electronic documents so your customers get the same experience from any channel. In the example below, a customer can order by phone or via your website.

BRIGHTFOX customer who are using PDF Butler already

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