Service Cloud

Service Cloud

Satisfy your customers
from anywhere at any moment.

Salesforce Service Cloud supports customers everywhere with the service platform that keeps the conversation flowing.

Close cases faster with the help of AI

Help your support agents solve customer cases faster by putting the right tools at their fingertips, all from one console.

Intelligent self-service

Build self-service communities. Provide your customers with all the answers they need to solve their problems on their own terms and timeline.

Personalize & Predict

Get more insights into your customer’s behavior so you can personalize your service, predict future needs and interact with you customers via live messaging.

Phone-to-Field Translation

Optimize your mobile service operations and deliver connected, intelligent & personalized services from phone to the field on one platform.

Customer Cases

An integrated telephony solution for Tilburg

Optimal inventory management of network supplies for Cameo global

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Automated and solid customer journeys with Salesforce and Pardot

A complete KMSKA branded Salesforce solution for better visitor engagement and audience growth

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