New Voice Media

Cloud contact center software designed for your business

Transform communications inside and outside your organization with NewVoiceMedia contact centers. Have conversations across voice, SMS, team messaging, fax, social, meetings, and more, providing a unified communication experience. For companies using Salesforce, the Vonage solution provides full integration for great customer and agent experiences.

Automated call logging

Auto-log all incoming & outgoing calls through Salesforce when the caller ID or number matches a contact. View contact information in real-time for a personalized conversationlogs

Embedded salesforce dialer

Keep the dial pad at your employees’ fingertips without toggling between screens.


Click-to-dial or answer any phone number appearing in Salesforce through the embedded NewVoiceMedia Business Communications dial pad and tie the call record to the right contact in Salesforce.

Seamless contact management

Easily create new contacts while on a call without interrupting the conversation.

Call note taking & Taks management

Capture notes for inbound/outbound calls in call activities, & schedule tasks or appointments from the same screen pop.

Integrated reporting

Review call volume data, call history & usage across your entire organization in a single intuitive interface. Link with Einstein Analytics to unlock hidden insights.

Customer Cases

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for BNG Bank

Parking agency of the Brussel capital region

All aboard effortlessly with streamlined and automated communication journeys for Aviato.

Give customers a personalized experience via B2B Commerce Cloud

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