From syncing batch data to (near) real-time integration.

Natively connect any cloud or on-premises application or data source to Salesforce.
Use the Jitterbit Salesforce Connector to automate business processes and integrate Salesforce with your other critical systems.

Synchronize Accounts/Contacts with your ERP system (debtors)

Daily update your pricelist and products for creation of your quotes

Automate quote-to-cash with your order management system

Show outstanding invoices from your financial system

Give your front office visibility to shipment, tracking, and logistics

Link supply chain and demand forecasts with Salesforce

Extract data to external reporting systems and data warehouses

Customer Cases

Promoting collaboration, higher-quality leads, and sales growth at James Hardie

Become a more decisive, customer- and employee-friendly service organisation

GCoM Regions Portal built on the Salesforce Community Cloud

Automating processes with a (SAAS) Partner Relationship Management platform

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