B2B Commerce Quickstart Package

An 8-week implementation providing real value for you and your customers.

Step 1. Make online buying easy and generate more revenue now with the Salesforce B2B ecommerce solution.

Step 2. Follow the BRIGHTFOX’ QuickStart program that will enable you to quickly launch your ecommerce capability.

B2B Commerce offers buyers the seamless, self-service experience of online shopping with all the B2B functionality they need. By using the Commerce Quickstart, the implementation process is accelerated to just 8 weeks. This provides added value for both you and your customers.

The B2B Commerce QuickStart is based on

  • Best practices. This solution is designed and implemented based on BRIGHTFOX best practices, strategic advice and a master implementation plan.
  • Trusted partner. In addition to the stability offered by Salesforce, our team strives for excellence in delivering projects to the highest standards.

Key benefits of the B2B Commerce QuickStart

  • Speed to market. Because of our rich history of customer experience, we can distinguish ourselves as a partner. Also, with this package you benefit from the fastest enterprise B2B ecommerce implementation on the market.
  • Easy scalability. After the implementation of this solution, you will be able to innovate faster. This runs parallel with rapid adaptation to changing markets and customer needs.

The scope? During this 8-week implementation we develop:

  • 1 storefront
  • 1 standard basic interface
  • 1 standard order template
  • 2 standard email templates
  • Use of standard components on pages
  • Small UI changes
  • 2 languages (to be translated by the customer)
  • Data migration of accounts, contacts, products & prices
  • 1 classroom training

Ready to start boosting your business? Don’t wait too long! You might be missing out on some great opportunities!