Marketing Cloud Quickstart Package

A Marketing Cloud Quickstart Package to engage customers with relevant, empathetic digital marketing.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the number 1 marketing platform, you design highly personalized customer journeys.

Key benefits

  • Seamless customer experience
  • Connected to a unified CRM platform.
  • Adapts the experience of your brand to each marketing channel, for each customer.
  • Manage marketing budgets, events and campaigns.

Marketing Cloud Quickstart: Our mission

BRIGHTFOX’ Quickstart will enable you to quickly launch a marketing automation tool.

All our implementations and Quickstart packages are based on the following 4 pillars.

  1. Solutions are designed and implemented based on BRIGHTFOX best practices, strategic advice and a master implementation plan.
  2. When delivering projects, in addition to the stability offered by Salesforce, BRIGHTFOX strives to translate the client’s excellence and distinctiveness.
  3. The possibility to benefit from a fast Marketing Cloud implementation.
  4. The ability for our customers to innovate faster and adapt to changing markets and their customers’ needs.

Why Marketing Cloud Quickstart?

To deploy campaigns quickly, collaborate with your teams using mobile apps, and keep your customers engaged.

Functionalities implemented during the quickstart:

  • Sender Domain(s)
  • Marketing Cloud Connect
    • Marketing Cloud Data into the Salesforce CRM.
    • Send Marketing Cloud Emails via Salesforce CRM.
  • Automated data import from external files.
  • Subscriber Management (GDPR)
  • Responsive Email Templates
  • Dynamic Content
  • Landing Pages
  • Customer Journeys
  • Automations
  • Mobile Connect (SMS)

Marketing Cloud Quickstart: The way we work – scope

Leveraging Marketing Cloud Quickstart for an accelerated 10-week implementation provides real value to both you and your customers.

  • 2 Workshops
  • Setup sender domain(s)
  • User creation / User Roles
  • Setup data structure
    • Setup and configuration of Marketing Cloud Connect
  • Setup of 5 Email Templates
  • Setup of 2 Landing pages
  • Setup of 1 Customer Journey
  • Training

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