Salesforce CRM Quickstart Package

BRIGHTFOX’ Quickstart will enable you to quickly launch the world’s #1 CRM.

Salesforce CRM can help you grow faster by giving you the tools to fill the sales pipeline through smarter marketing, improved sales productivity – efficiency, and retention opportunities

Why is an efficient CRM important for your business?

  • To get more leads
  • To streamline your sales process
  • Get real-time data

CRM Quickstart

To Put all your customer information in one place, that anyone can access from anywhere.

  • 2 Workshops
  • Security model
  • Data model
  • Setup lead management
  • Setup lead conversion
  • Setup account & contact management
  • Setup opportunity management
  • Quote & order management
  • Calendar & activities
  • Reports & dashboards
  •  Web-to-lead
  •  Web-to-case
  • Setup basic case management
  • Data migration
  • 1 classroom training

Scope: 30 – 50 days

Leveraging CRM Quickstart for an accelerated 10-week implementation provides real value to both you and your customers.

The following four principles are applied during implementation.

  1. Best practices. This solution is designed and implemented based on BRIGHTFOX best practices, strategic advice and a master implementation plan.
  2. Trusted partner. In addition to the stability offered by Salesforce, our team strives for excellence in delivering projects to the highest standards.
  3. Speed to market. Quickly get started with Salesforce CRM and receive a fast return on your investment.
  4. Easy scalability. Innovate more quickly and adapt to changing markets and customer needs.

Ready to start boosting your business? Don’t wait too long! You might be missing out on some great opportunities!