Introduce ‘Continuous Learning’ with MyTrailhead

Learning and development have become mainstream in successful companies. Continuous learning, be it on the job or as a private initiative, assures that employees are more productive, achieve goals more quickly and increase their job satisfaction. Moreover, continuous learning within the organization helps employees to improve their own skills and be more flexible and adaptable as changes in technology forces companies to adapt.  And adapt quickly.

MyTrailhead is the newest “kid on the block” in the Salesforce Universe. It allows companies to use the State-of-the-Art technology behind Trailhead to use in their own organisations. It allows you to create your own branded material and offer it to your users in a personalised form

Trail Tracker Training Introduction

BRIGHTFOX offers a complete training for the setup, preparation and use of the new MyTrailhead platform.

The training includes the following:

  • Setup of MyTrailhead for the Trailmaker Content, Trailmaker Release and Branding apps. This includes setting up the domain, assigning user permissions and customize your branding.
  • Train your MyTrailhead Manager in creating and pulishing content (trails) for your company, adding tasks and external content and set up quizzes.
  • Assists in creating trailmixes.
  • Installation and setup of TrailTracker to track adoption of your courses.
  • Step-by-step manual.
MyTrailhead Training Estimation

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